Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If Jim Carrey can do it, so can I…

I remember hearing the story about how actor Jim Carey wrote out a ten million dollar check to himself. He believed that one day it would materialize. And we all know it did!

That act of positive thinking and visualization helped make his particular dream come true. Jim’s motivational trick inspired me to do the same. Shortly after I started writing (with the hopes of one day being compensated for my work) I went to the local craft shop and bought a gold star. I put it in my new leather brief case (which was purchased to make me look and feel more like a professional writer) and its’ been there ever since (along with its original receipt and brown bag). I had planned to expose my symbol of success when I sold my first book or screenplay. However, I took the star out today for this picture and to remind myself it’s there. Then, while preparing this post, something pretty amazing happened…

I realized that I should put the star on my door now, so I can see it! What good is it doing in the case? Besides, I am the one who is always saying, live as if you are already there.

Once I place the star in clear sight, like a vision board, maybe my lucky break will come sooner then later. I have already increased the odds of that happening by balancing my dreams with plenty of hard work (including starting a new book, polishing my manuscript, and maintaining and promoting this blog).

Positive thinking and visualization work for everyone. If you have any unfulfilled dreams, put the equivalent of your Gold Star or million dollar check up today…
If Renee Gold & Jim Carrey can do it, so can you!

FYI: In France they call Jim Carrey, Son of Jerry Lewis.


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