Friday, March 26, 2010


Aunty and her healthy bouquet

Thank you for returning to the blog Ageless with Aunty. However, there are still many of you who ask what a blog is, and why I have one…

A blog is a 21st century tool for communicating, entertaining, ranting, raving, getting political or informing. One goal for most, I would imagine, is to attract readers.

As for me, a writer who wants to get her books published, a blog is one way to get people reading your work (although my blog is not necessarily what my books are about) it can give agents and readers a little taste of who you are. These days a writer must stand out and get noticed. A blog is just one way to do that.

But, this blog has become much more than just wanting to get noticed. I truly enjoy making people laugh, entertaining them, and sharing Ageless Aunty and her antics. Here she is with her bouquet of broccoli (we do practice what we preach). Our blog Ageless is an extension of who we are and what we do. We are sharing our life with you. Due to the response we have been receiving, it really makes us glad to know that we are touching other people’s lives in an upbeat way.

This blog helps me count my blessings even more, by accentuating the positive. When I look at all the pictures just like you do, I say wow, is that really us?! I see a colorful and happy life. Yes, Aunty and I are happy. But, we have been through a lot. The blog is one little way of giving back by sharing our spunk. So in essence, a blog is just a reflection of yourself, what’s on your mind, and in your heart.

I have come up with some new terms to help you understand the Blog World better….

Blog Hog: That would be someone like Aunty who loves to see their face all over someone’s blog.
Blog Blurr: That’s when I can’t see the computer screen because I have been sitting in front of it for twenty five hours preparing these posts. So I apologize in advance for an occasional typo.
Blog Snob: Someone who reads only certain blogs and won’t go near anything with a name like
Behind the Blog: That’s my funky office (with feathered pens, smoky incense, and pictures of moonbeams and Japanese gardens) where this blog begins…

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Kittie Howard said...

Your Aunty seems like a really nice person. From the way her eyes twinkle, I think the two of you have fun together and this brings a smile. When your book is published I guarantee you'll have a month of beautiful Sundays on top of all those smiles!

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