Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miss Perseverance...

      I'm starting to feel that it's true. Persistence really does pay off. My friend Rory calls me Miss Perseverance. Lori tells me that I'm the pinup girl for persistence! Whatever they say, they are usually referring to me as someone who never gives up. As I sit here talking to you (yes I do mean talking, because I am speaking to you via a voice recognition software program) with sore hands from keyboard overuse, blurry eyes from spending way too much time at the computer, and a tired butt from countless hours seated at my desk, I know I'm closer than ever to my big break. 

   Agents are finally asking to see my manuscript. After hearing “no” for so long, I had recently put my book aside to work on developing a business plan for the exciting new product I want to develop. And it's just been validated by a savvy business consultant that my product idea is amazing. Her exact words were “There’s some urgency here. This is fabulous!"

   For the last 15 years, as I paid my dues over and over, I never stopped believing that one day I could put that Gold star on my door. At times it’s been almost comical… so much dedication and hard work through constant rejection. Suddenly (and I guess that's how it works) things are going in a whole new direction. The only thing that is different now is I am much more confident. After so many years of pursuing my creative endeavors I wholeheartedly believe in and can recognize their merit. And that seems to make all the difference in the world. I have an enormous amount of satisfaction with my book, my blog, my screenplays, and the magical product I am now working on. I have already validated that they are wonderful. There is a lot of happiness in that. Whether or not I find an agent, sell a screenplay, or get twenty thousand followers to my blog, I think my projects are pretty special. I guess what I'm saying is, I am really proud of my work. It would be nice to get recognition and even financial reward, but even without it, I'm living my dream by following my passion. And, at times, under some pretty challenging circumstances. Aunty assures me, “you have already made it."

   To those of you who have been putting off something that you really want to pursue, put on your Nike sneakers and Just do it   Just be patient. And persevere! Then step back to see a great deal of satisfaction is in the doing.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Halfway there....

On a recent jaunt to Martha’s Vineyard (my new favorite hiding spot) I found out about a private millionaires club! I became obsessed about how I would get myself  in. I am not a millionaire (yet). Later that night, I went to an adjacent club that is open to the public. I started talking with locals and some of the wait staff and found out one of the owners of the club I was in, was also involved in the private club. I managed to get introduced to, let’s call him, Mr. Bond. He is a cordial, gentleman and has clout at the Millionaires Club.  When he kissed my hand and said I was lovely, I saw dollar signs. I curtsied and casually asked if I could see the club. Just like that, he said yes. He walked me to the door and told me to tell so and so (the young Russian Supermodel who was the hostess) that Mr. Bond said you may go upstairs.
When I entered this place of priveldge everything felt right, even the air smelled better. The impeccable lighting design cast a perfect hue. The staff was attentive and accommodating. The view of the historic harbor was stunning. There was a sixteen person private wine room with its own deck.  Ceiling fans mixed with chandeliers added a distinct ambiance.  
Everyone looked happy and relaxed. I felt so at home. I did not want to leave. I carried on like I was a member. Well, I carried on like I was a member planning a party. My friend listened as I said aloud, “My family will love the Allan Brother prime cuts.” I had just read that their restaurant serves these exclusive USDA products. We pranced about and I boasted about some fabulous wines I had had there. Make believe of course. But, Boone’s Farm was not on my list. Vietti Barolo Rocche 2000  was (even though I don’t know if they really serve it there or if I pronounced it right).
I have become obsessed about wanting to join this exceptional members only club. I have no idea how much it cost but, now that I am about to put my ruby-red go-go boots on and promenade down my own yellow brick entrepreneurial road, (as I work on developing a product that is pure magic) anything is possible. I love being a Big Dreamer. It is so much fun. I can say that because, it's just who I am. I am a creative person who aims high. So, if something I create ever takes off, it's going land in a good the top!   
My late father (who didn’t like asking a waiter for water) would have been cringing if he saw me walking around the savvy joint as if I owned the place. In reality I could not even afford to valet my 98 Honda (the one with three and a half tires). I cannot wait to go back. I am thinking of having my launch party for my new product at this MV Hotspot. But first, like all millionaires, I have a heck of a lot of Hard Work to do….to get to Park Avenue from Penniless Lane! In the meantime, I am closer than I think, because I am already there in my mind.  
If you want to reach your dreams you’ll have to get rid of your memes. For more info on what I mean see Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Be Gone.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Aunty practices an ancient Chineese healing art

Aunty is taking this Ageless Blog seriously. She eats her blueberries every morning, sips her green tea all day, she walks and sings, says her prayers before bed, and  now she does qi-gong. Here she is after two different classes.
The instructor always comments on “Aunty’s  great energy!” I am inspired. To see my great Aunty so happy and vibrant at this advanced age, gives us all hope.  
I realize much of Aunty’s joy is a direct result of my devotion. A major part of my every day existence is to continue giving Aunty a good quality of life. The difference I have made, and continue to make in my Aunty’s life is paramount.  I strongly suggest to anyone dealing with a friend, neighbor, or family member who is elderly….please spend some time with them. Any time counts. It could be a phone call, a short visit, or an overnight stay. I can assure you, the elder you tend to will see it as an eternity.  I know my Aunty would be staring at four walls and crying a lot if I had not stepped in.  The ONLY reason I say any of this is to show others how much happiness you can generate just by giving a little of yourself to someone in need. It is worth repeating >ANY TIME COUNTS A LOT! Even a few minutes  of your time can make a difference in an elderly persons day.
Tomorrow I take Aunty to the beach. I will bring my work, pack her Enquirer, Ice-Tea, and sunblock. With a little effort and creativity I have this care giving down to a science. Many of you have asked if I will write a book about my life and time with Aunty…. Most assuredly, YES!  With over seven years of care giving under my belt, and still going strong, I have a lot to share. And, since our Ageless Aunty truly is the epitome of selfless humility… I know that doing anything that will benefit others is what she wants me to do.  When the time comes to write my care giving story, it will be a continuation of her legacy.  And her legacy  is simple….Aunty Helen (and Nana Helen to some) has always put others first. She is the embodiment of LOVE in its purest form.  She is the quintessential (family)care giver.

Aunty has always had an open and forgiving heart, even when others have not! I call her Mother Teresa in high-heels. Let her be an inspiration for you too. Thanks for following Ageless.
A lot of good energy comming at you
Does anyone know what number sunscreen I should put on Aunty?

Look up the benefits of qigong…. It’s a potent way to stay young…
In the Metro West of Boston area I have a friend who teaches qigong. His name is Alan. You can find him at or
Stay tuned for Renee @ the Millionaire's Club....and MUCH MORE! Having fun is another way to stay young....


Monday, July 4, 2011


... My true colors!

Happy Birthday America!  Here we are (my sisters and me) on route to our dance  recital. I was about to perform to Don Mclean's American Pie. 

Since then, I have proudly worn my country's colors every chance I get. I love America.