Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miss Perseverance...

      I'm starting to feel that it's true. Persistence really does pay off. My friend Rory calls me Miss Perseverance. Lori tells me that I'm the pinup girl for persistence! Whatever they say, they are usually referring to me as someone who never gives up. As I sit here talking to you (yes I do mean talking, because I am speaking to you via a voice recognition software program) with sore hands from keyboard overuse, blurry eyes from spending way too much time at the computer, and a tired butt from countless hours seated at my desk, I know I'm closer than ever to my big break. 

   Agents are finally asking to see my manuscript. After hearing “no” for so long, I had recently put my book aside to work on developing a business plan for the exciting new product I want to develop. And it's just been validated by a savvy business consultant that my product idea is amazing. Her exact words were “There’s some urgency here. This is fabulous!"

   For the last 15 years, as I paid my dues over and over, I never stopped believing that one day I could put that Gold star on my door. At times it’s been almost comical… so much dedication and hard work through constant rejection. Suddenly (and I guess that's how it works) things are going in a whole new direction. The only thing that is different now is I am much more confident. After so many years of pursuing my creative endeavors I wholeheartedly believe in and can recognize their merit. And that seems to make all the difference in the world. I have an enormous amount of satisfaction with my book, my blog, my screenplays, and the magical product I am now working on. I have already validated that they are wonderful. There is a lot of happiness in that. Whether or not I find an agent, sell a screenplay, or get twenty thousand followers to my blog, I think my projects are pretty special. I guess what I'm saying is, I am really proud of my work. It would be nice to get recognition and even financial reward, but even without it, I'm living my dream by following my passion. And, at times, under some pretty challenging circumstances. Aunty assures me, “you have already made it."

   To those of you who have been putting off something that you really want to pursue, put on your Nike sneakers and Just do it   Just be patient. And persevere! Then step back to see a great deal of satisfaction is in the doing.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see that you are persistent and beaming with confidence, even if you have not landed a book deal as yet. I agree that the hard effort is in the doing and enjoying what you do. 'A journey of a thoudand miles, begin with the first step.' (from the Tao Te Ching) You have made many steps in your Red Ruby shoes. I hope and pray that your long road leads to the Stardom.

brianamet said...

You've always been on the yellow brick road, that's where WE maybe you're a lot closer to OZ!!!!

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