Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have been asked to share how I stay "so young."  If you scroll around Ageless with Aunty you will see the answer in action...

At the top of my list is praying and playing (preferably with children whenever possible).  The energy and karma around young children is phenomenal. It's so uplifting it makes me jump for joy!

Feet are off the ground

I was already in a state of bliss before this picture was taken. The reason: I had come face to face with a Saint! The story in my next post. Remember, Where There's a Will There's Renee! Anything is always possible here at Ageless (with Aunty).

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Countless Millions watched

122 Million people voted

Yesterday when I watched Oprah’s last show, and later that evening, American Idol, I was exhilarated not only with how brilliant the two shows were, but with what the stars said.

Oprah gave all the glory to God, and, Scotty McCreery, the winner of American Idol, said, "I gotta thank the Lord first." Yes, these two talented, wonderful people gave it up to the Lord!

I am not as famous as Oprah or Scotty (well not yet anyway) but, I hear them loud and clear. Not a moment of my life goes by that I do not feel the power of the Holy Spirit.

Waking up this morning to my favorite song ever, George Harrison’s, My Sweet Lord, I kept thinking of Oprah uttering the word Jesus, and my man Scotty, thanking The Lord. It made me happy that two people as famous and as popular as Oprah and Scotty, praised God on National TV, in front of millions of people. Maybe billions!

Yesterday, after both shows, and something I often do, I raised my hands in the air and danced around my living room to O Happy Day. The lyrics go…Oh Happy Day, when Jesus washed...washed my sins away. I followed that by playing my own personal theme song, Full Force Gale by Van Morrison. The lyrics: Like a Full Force Gale, I was lifted up again; I was lifted up again by the Lord! I smiled. It feels good having something in common with Oprah and Scotty.

You heard it here first. I predict Scotty will do a remake of Van’s Full Force Gale.

Now give me a big AMEN! And, will someone please explain to me why the words "Jesus" and "God" are not allowed in any post labels? That is outrageous. After I wrote the post above, whenever I tried to type in the words "God," or "Jesus" below here in the label section, a flashing neon warning came on and blocked me from posting. This makes me ecstatic that I have a blog and I can say whatever I want! Like I just did.

I love you dear readers...and thank you for letting me express myself.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday, over one hundred thousand people attended the 136th Preakness Horse Race. It’s all part of the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes). Festive crowds wearing suits, sundresses and ornate hats enjoyed a beautiful day at Pimlico. Race-goers experienced the Maryland track at its finest, eating the food, listening to the music, and admiring the horses.

The three-year old chestnut colt, Shakelford won. Colt Animal Kingdom finished second, with Astrology a close third.

And when the last jewel of the Triple Crown - the Belmont Stakes - comes around in June, it will be any horse’s race to win.

I was not able to make it to Maryland, so I grabbed some friends and galloped off to Suffolk Downs Race Track in East Boston. They simulcast the Preakness, and offered live racing as well. We had a grand ol time. As soon as that trumpet blasted and the race began, so did the fun. Suffolk Downs has a rich history… they have hosted Hall of Fame horse Seabiscut, and even the Beatles back in 1966! I was at that Beatles concert, as a baby of course. But, that is a story for another time.

Churchill Downs

If you are looking for something different to do, may I suggest a day at the races? There is fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of excitement. In our case we sat inside drinking wine in-between bets.

Did you know that horse racing was once the sport of kings? And, for all you animal lovers out there…. at Suffolk Downs the horses are treated humanely. Suffolk has a special program to keep these gorgeous animals healthy and happy long after their racing days are through.
If you can’t make it to the race-track, you can always watch that classic Marx Brothers comedy A Day at the Races! I bet you'll enjoy it....

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Here is our Ageless Guru in residence, Ageless Aunty, ( 87 years young) just hanging out on a rainy day with her Pal Joey, and a smile.

Aunty practices everything we talk about here. She drinks green tea, she gets her eight hours sleep, she walks, she enjoys her friends, she gets out every day, she dances every chance she gets, and she is always helping someone. Both of us are living out this blog, and feel better for it.

We want to share our zest with you. We love our readers and wanted to take a moment to let you know, that by putting some of the things we talk about here into action, and really doing your best to make every day count in some way, you will feel better. Sometimes I just keep looking up (at the ceiling where I placed a smiley face) grateful that I have a roof over my head! Those of us in a state of gratitude draw good energy to us.
Who cares if it's pouring out. It's alway sunny inside.
Get your glow on.

Here in New England, we have been experiencing a long bout of bad weather. That means it’s been a good time to clean, organize, take up hot yoga, drink more tea, read, and, get a massage. Some friends of mine have simply stayed in and watched TV and listened to music. I had a blissful moment just peeling an orange by the kitchen sink! I could stand. I could smell the orange. I could feel the skin. I could taste it if I wanted to. I could see the rain fall outside my window. I could hear my precious Aunty humming in the background. And, the fact that I was peeling the orange for her made it all the better.

Open up your senses and have a sublime day/moment, no matter what the weather.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


You are looking at the world’s tastiest, debatable snack!

A couple of years ago my doctor told me about coconut oil. He suggested I give the organic, extra virgin kind a try. I did, and I loved it. Then one day I decided to try the coconut oil on organic popcorn. I popped it myself in a hot air popper. Then I melted high quality coconut oil and poured it over the popped corn. I sprinkled a bit of sea-salt over it and I melted myself when I tasted it….Without a doubt, barring none, this is the world’s most delicious snack ever…and I do mean EVER!

I urge my readers to try this delightful snack. You will be amazed at how truly delicious this is. And just the kind of snack even a holistic progressive doctor would approve. Then again…. I must add, to the best of my knowledge, the verdict is still out as to whether the saturated fats in this delicious oil are really good for you or not. So, until we find out, use sparingly.

One thing I found in my web search at a sight called Street Dictionary: Bruce Fife, a US based naturopath and author of "The Coconut Oil Miracle" remarked during a press conference in Singapore last month, "Not all saturated fatty acids act in the same way. The fat in coconut oil is different from most other fats and has many health giving properties".
If your taste buds are the judge….you’ll no doubt agree with Bruce! I would actually call this snack blissful…Try it with Coconut Water~ I am drinking some now. Aunty drinks hers in a crystal goblet! She thinks she is a Tahitian Goddess

More fun snack ideas coming soon and Aunty’s new Ageless pal…

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My Red Velvet Cake

I mentioned in a previous post that I celebrate my May 3 birthday all month long! Why not?

On the Tuesday morning, May 3, 2011, my neighbor rang my doorbell and greeted me with flowers. Later that day, I treated myself to a luxurious massage...it was worth every penny. Have you ever had a smooth hot stone massaged over your sore back? In the evening, a close friend took me to dinner. We sipped Thai Ice Tea (a must try) and spicy Thai food.

The next day, Lori, tracked me down at the grocery store and excitedly gave me a present. She had ordered this groovy sparkling necklace, similar to one I had seen Madonna wearing. As soon as it arrived in the mail, Lori drove around town to hand deliver it. My friend going out of her way like that was an awesome gift in itself.
May 5th, I recieved a belated card from one of my sisters announcing she would be taking me to lunch later in the month to "continue Renee-A-Palooza."  I also recieved an invite to tea, and another friend sent the most amazing perfume I have ever come across. Knowing I like to give names to everyone and everything, she sent it in an unmarked bottle. The scent is so mysterious and alluring, I call it Houses of the Holy, and it makes me swoon.

A few days later, still celebrating May 3, on May 7th, six of us went out to dinner. We splurged on sushi, sake and champagne. I had so much fun, got so much attention, and even more presents, I felt like Britney.

Meanwhile, my sister Juliann is somewhere in Monaco living it up and honoring my birthday month. She sent this picture saying, "We'll celebrate May 3 as soon as I get back!"
Juliann giving me the peace sign, but for us it also means Peace Promise....I love you!

When I think of the flowers, the cards, the phone calls, the emails, and all the presents, I get FILLED with gratitude. I can not help but think of the film It's a Wonderful Life. If we give of ourselves and touch others, when our birthday comes along, we won't be forgotten.
To everyone who remembered my birthday, I thank you.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Dennis Lehane

You have seen me throughout this blog posing with different celebrities. I am usually pretty lucky with attracting stars, but, not always…

Dennis Lehane is a famous writer with friends even more famous than he is. When he talks about Clint, Sean, and Leo, he’s referring to Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Mr. Lehane is living my ultimate dream. Not only is he is a well-received writer, but, some of his books have been successfully turned into movies. You may recall Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, just to name two. When I heard Dennis was going to be a guest speaker at this past Boston Book Festival, I immediately made plans to attend.

On the way to hear his presentation, I stopped at Starbuck’s to treat myself to one of their decadent six dollar drinks, a rare treat. This was a big deal because I only had six dollars. I was hungry and cold, and the event was about to start. My Venti Carmel Macchiato would make my day. Imagine sipping a delicious drink drenched in caramel while hearing the inside scoop on what it’s like to have Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese direct movies based on your books. As soon as I reached the over-crowded auditorium, the man at the door told me I could not bring my drink in. He was serious. But, I could not part with my Macchiato so easily. I said okay, walked out, and went in another entrance. I found the last available seat and made myself cozy. No sooner did I take the cover off and whiff the alluring aroma when that same security man appeared. He told me I had to leave immediately, or give him my warm, sweet, brew. I had to make a quick decision. Dennis was about to go on. I handed over my fancy cup of java and remained seated. 

The talk, From Page to Screen, was great. I remember Mr. Lehane saying as a writer you must put in your one thousand hours. He was referring to honing your craft and paying your dues. I felt good because I have done that. He talked about some of his Hollywood experiences. As a screenwriter myself, hearing him speak was just as exciting as I can imagine hearing Mr. Eastwood would be. It was worth giving up my coveted coffee (at least in the moment).

After the event, I thought it might be worth it to go back to Starbucks and ask if they would give me another drink. I was hoping I could have my Macchiato and Dennis too. Just as I approached the counter, I saw Mr. Lehane with a few people waiting for their drinks. I thought it would be fantastic if I could get a picture with him for my blog. I walked up to the author, said hello, and thanked him for the talk. When I asked if I could take a picture he said, “Not today.” Now, as a writer myself, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, and say maybe I shouldn’t have bothered him. Maybe lots of people had already asked him. Maybe he just didn’t like the way he looked that day. Then I thought the Starbucks we were in was in close proximity to the event. Since Dennis Lehane was part of the Book Festival, shouldn’t he have just let me take the picture? “Maybe next time,” I said, as I walked away. I never (till this day) got my Macchiato!

What do you think? Was I out of line, or should he have let me take the picture….

Dennis, if you are listening, it’s okay. I know people that know you, and they tell me you are a nice guy. Could I just get a part in your next book/movie? That’s what it will take to get over the Taking of (my)Mocchiato! However, if you really feel bad about turning me away, I would accept a Starbuck’s gift card for six bucks (the price of a Venti Caramel Macchiato).

For more on Dennis go to: http://www.dennislehanebooks.com/.

In true Renee fashion and in one of my boldest moves yet … I did get a picture with the other famous writer who was speaking with Dennis. But, you have to follow Ageless for more….

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Put on some new shoes and kick up your heels! Preferably in a restaurant surrounded by your family!


Go on a yoga retreat (even for a day)

Take a bubble bath at a friend's house with a bigger and prettier bathtub.

Rent a bus and go on the road as a rock star! It's more fun than you can imagine. I will be writing about the day I was believed to be the lead singer of a band, in my second book.

Whatever you do, you will serve yourself well, if you "Celebrate." There is only one you, and the day you were born is a special one. Do something that makes you happy.

My list is endless. I could write a book just on creative ways to enjoy your birth day. May I suggest... a tea party (perhaps in a mansion), renting a convertible and driving around your favorite town, or the Starbuck's Song Walk. You will have to stay tuned to Ageless for the latter one to be explained.

As I wrote this post, I realized that by still embracing May 3rd, even as the numbers get bigger, somehow it eases the trepidation I have about aging. Let's all become advocates for the inner child!

We would love to hear the many ways you paint the town on the honorable day of your birth.
Lori wants me to tell you that I celebrate all month long...