Sunday, May 15, 2011


You are looking at the world’s tastiest, debatable snack!

A couple of years ago my doctor told me about coconut oil. He suggested I give the organic, extra virgin kind a try. I did, and I loved it. Then one day I decided to try the coconut oil on organic popcorn. I popped it myself in a hot air popper. Then I melted high quality coconut oil and poured it over the popped corn. I sprinkled a bit of sea-salt over it and I melted myself when I tasted it….Without a doubt, barring none, this is the world’s most delicious snack ever…and I do mean EVER!

I urge my readers to try this delightful snack. You will be amazed at how truly delicious this is. And just the kind of snack even a holistic progressive doctor would approve. Then again…. I must add, to the best of my knowledge, the verdict is still out as to whether the saturated fats in this delicious oil are really good for you or not. So, until we find out, use sparingly.

One thing I found in my web search at a sight called Street Dictionary: Bruce Fife, a US based naturopath and author of "The Coconut Oil Miracle" remarked during a press conference in Singapore last month, "Not all saturated fatty acids act in the same way. The fat in coconut oil is different from most other fats and has many health giving properties".
If your taste buds are the judge….you’ll no doubt agree with Bruce! I would actually call this snack blissful…Try it with Coconut Water~ I am drinking some now. Aunty drinks hers in a crystal goblet! She thinks she is a Tahitian Goddess

More fun snack ideas coming soon and Aunty’s new Ageless pal…

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