Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Put on some new shoes and kick up your heels! Preferably in a restaurant surrounded by your family!


Go on a yoga retreat (even for a day)

Take a bubble bath at a friend's house with a bigger and prettier bathtub.

Rent a bus and go on the road as a rock star! It's more fun than you can imagine. I will be writing about the day I was believed to be the lead singer of a band, in my second book.

Whatever you do, you will serve yourself well, if you "Celebrate." There is only one you, and the day you were born is a special one. Do something that makes you happy.

My list is endless. I could write a book just on creative ways to enjoy your birth day. May I suggest... a tea party (perhaps in a mansion), renting a convertible and driving around your favorite town, or the Starbuck's Song Walk. You will have to stay tuned to Ageless for the latter one to be explained.

As I wrote this post, I realized that by still embracing May 3rd, even as the numbers get bigger, somehow it eases the trepidation I have about aging. Let's all become advocates for the inner child!

We would love to hear the many ways you paint the town on the honorable day of your birth.
Lori wants me to tell you that I celebrate all month long...

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