Thursday, May 26, 2011


Countless Millions watched

122 Million people voted

Yesterday when I watched Oprah’s last show, and later that evening, American Idol, I was exhilarated not only with how brilliant the two shows were, but with what the stars said.

Oprah gave all the glory to God, and, Scotty McCreery, the winner of American Idol, said, "I gotta thank the Lord first." Yes, these two talented, wonderful people gave it up to the Lord!

I am not as famous as Oprah or Scotty (well not yet anyway) but, I hear them loud and clear. Not a moment of my life goes by that I do not feel the power of the Holy Spirit.

Waking up this morning to my favorite song ever, George Harrison’s, My Sweet Lord, I kept thinking of Oprah uttering the word Jesus, and my man Scotty, thanking The Lord. It made me happy that two people as famous and as popular as Oprah and Scotty, praised God on National TV, in front of millions of people. Maybe billions!

Yesterday, after both shows, and something I often do, I raised my hands in the air and danced around my living room to O Happy Day. The lyrics go…Oh Happy Day, when Jesus washed...washed my sins away. I followed that by playing my own personal theme song, Full Force Gale by Van Morrison. The lyrics: Like a Full Force Gale, I was lifted up again; I was lifted up again by the Lord! I smiled. It feels good having something in common with Oprah and Scotty.

You heard it here first. I predict Scotty will do a remake of Van’s Full Force Gale.

Now give me a big AMEN! And, will someone please explain to me why the words "Jesus" and "God" are not allowed in any post labels? That is outrageous. After I wrote the post above, whenever I tried to type in the words "God," or "Jesus" below here in the label section, a flashing neon warning came on and blocked me from posting. This makes me ecstatic that I have a blog and I can say whatever I want! Like I just did.

I love you dear readers...and thank you for letting me express myself.

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