Friday, May 30, 2014


Do you need a lawyer? A Drink? Well...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Royal Sonesta Hotel
40 Edwin Land Boulevard
Cambridge, MA 02142

Join over 200 guests from the arts, business, and legal communities of Greater Boston to celebrate our thriving creative economy and recognize those business and legal professionals who work to strengthen it. Martinis & Masterpieces features live music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, amazing views of the Boston skyline, artwork by local artists, and a silent auction featuring art and gift packages. On the stunning Art Bar patio, we will honor lawyers and law firms for their pro bono efforts, as well as highlight extraordinary individuals who work tirelessly to keep Boston’s arts community healthy. 
This will be a savvy soiree. And you can help people like me (hard working CREATIVE and broke) land a good lawyer! At least enjoy a fabulous martini with views of my hometown as the summer wind blows in.....
pass the olives....
These kind folks even have a special ticket price for artists

Monday, May 19, 2014


made for you....
I was thrilled to meet Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire Tarra Rosenbaum at a recent trunk show in my home town. Tarra is quite lovely and highly creative. We hit it off immediately and she gave me some great tips as I navigate the world of entrepreneurship. (Yes, I am still developing my Big Secret Product).
Tarra, a busy New York Jewelry Designer who is very kind, took time out of her own Trunk Show to talk with me! Then, I took a real close look at her work. WOW! She has some fabulous collections as you can see.
And, one of her pieces even caught the eye of Lady Gaga!One of the handsome male clones at the end of the a Lady Gaga video, wears an oversized Lady Gaga ID necklace, custom made by Tarra Rosenbaum.

You can have it custom made too! Orders via Tarra Rosenbaum: if you want your own LG necklace, exactly the same size as in the video or with your own initials, or a smaller version with the same amount of bling. Made out of sterling silver with crystal stones. - See more at:

Here is Tarra's link sure you check out her blog and her favorite tree….
THEN treat yourself. You deserve it. Go call her right now and order a trinket for yourself. Spring is here…..and she even has a collection called Cherry Blossom. Next…The Gods….. Or Peas and Pods! Lucky you….Before she’s featured in O
You saw her first here at Ageless with Aunty!

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today was a special day in my family...our Avery Grace (my grandniece) turned one.
Here she is with her grandmother in the middle (my sister) and her mom (my niece) on far right.

There were presents galore, two cakes, and one glittery tutu from me! Avery LOVED all her birthday gifts.
One of her favorite moments was when her daddy threw her in the air. My sisters and I hover around her like bees to honey. The paparazzi (my family) followed Avery's every move!
It was truly a celebration of LOVE...
Ageless with Aunty continues with another generation....

Lots of great stuff coming stay tuned....
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Who's your favorite Aunty now?!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Radiant and Ageless Aunty, 82 years young 
at home in her kitchen and ready to serve
I remember while my grandmother was alive, Aunty (who was her sister) often cut my grandmother’s toenails and that was after she washed and wiped all of Nana’s dishes.
How is that for an act of real humility?

Humility is a quality that I see less and less of these days and one that I truly admire.
 Aunty welcomed giving of herself. When I think of Aunty running next door cleaning up after and tending to her gravely ill sister-in-law, all those late nights for what seemed like years, and fearlessly wanting to help the homeless (treating the drunken man on the street as if he were a newborn baby kitty in the rain)  I see humility in action.
Aunty simply had radar for those in need and compassion for the burdened. Like the times she brushed her sisters hair or cleaned her house. Perhaps my Nana was tired, or had a bad day. Aunty just did these genuine acts of kindness always on her own without being asked. At the time I didn’t really think about it but I can clearly see now how humble and virtuous Aunty really was. She was the epitome of selfless humility (and so was my Uncle D).  I want to be more like them!
For readers of Ageless with Aunty I am asking you to help make the world or certainly your world a little more Aunty-like. See how it feels to step out of yourself…even for a few hours and actually think of serving others.
Being humble is a true virtue and really does light up the world. Besides, you can’t feel bad when you treat a fellow human being good.

A halo diminishes any lines or wrinkles. Just look at Aunty (ABOVE)
Aunty didn't look too much different than this
at the time of her death at 88 years old!

Humility is a quite noble attitude, it is respectable, uplifting, ineffable, divine; it is the attribute of individuals who are strong and wise. Can you think about people in your life that are very strong but humble at the same time? I can and its very easy to respect what they say and do.  Humility means to profoundly and sincerely admit the value of the fellow people. 

Are you humble? Can you be even more humble? This is something I am self-reflecting upon these days. Will you join me?
Side note: when I was a little girl Aunty would wash my hair with HALO I can think of this as getting a head start:)