Monday, May 19, 2014


made for you....
I was thrilled to meet Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire Tarra Rosenbaum at a recent trunk show in my home town. Tarra is quite lovely and highly creative. We hit it off immediately and she gave me some great tips as I navigate the world of entrepreneurship. (Yes, I am still developing my Big Secret Product).
Tarra, a busy New York Jewelry Designer who is very kind, took time out of her own Trunk Show to talk with me! Then, I took a real close look at her work. WOW! She has some fabulous collections as you can see.
And, one of her pieces even caught the eye of Lady Gaga!One of the handsome male clones at the end of the a Lady Gaga video, wears an oversized Lady Gaga ID necklace, custom made by Tarra Rosenbaum.

You can have it custom made too! Orders via Tarra Rosenbaum: if you want your own LG necklace, exactly the same size as in the video or with your own initials, or a smaller version with the same amount of bling. Made out of sterling silver with crystal stones. - See more at:

Here is Tarra's link sure you check out her blog and her favorite tree….
THEN treat yourself. You deserve it. Go call her right now and order a trinket for yourself. Spring is here…..and she even has a collection called Cherry Blossom. Next…The Gods….. Or Peas and Pods! Lucky you….Before she’s featured in O
You saw her first here at Ageless with Aunty!


Michael said...

Thanks for sharing another product(s)- jewelry. Interesting designs. I cannot wait to eventually see and hear what's cooking in your entrep-Renee-ur's bag of ageless product. I know product(s) take time to develop and market, but I will be around to say that I saw it first at Ageless with Aunty...

Anonymous said...

Love the concepts and designs! You always seem to meet
interesting people with some connection to the stars or something!!!
Keep it coming... (by Anonymous guy)

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