Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let it Go

Okay… if you read my last post, you know my struggle behind the scenes…. I guess we all have our stuff to contend with. It is what we do with the obstacles and challenges that create harmony or sometimes agony. This blog has helped me clearly see what a wonderful life Aunty and I do have despite her memory impairment and in spite of me not being discovered yet as a writer. By focusing on the positive, (here I am throwing my hands in the air and letting it all go) things are actually better for us these days. And I find myself responding in a more favorable way to things rather then re-acting. No, our life is not easy, but we still have a great deal of fun together and I am able to let what my friends call my “indomitable spirit” soar over adversity. Yesterday when Aunty was about to put lipstick on her eyebrows…. I just smiled and I told her if she wants to be famous she can’t do that. After she told me to, “get the hell out of here. You are not my mother,” we laughed, enjoyed a cup of sweet smelling yogi tea together, and carried on our day….

Ageless tip of the week> Try responding to things that might upset you rather then re-acting! That might be a better way to handle things.

P.S. To all those who read my Get Into a Movie post and asked if I am going to paint myself blue when I go see Avatar this weekend, the answer is I probably will not have time to. But, it’s a great idea! I will paint my nails blue though…

And to those who asked again for my luxury for less tips by saying “You always seem to know what the latest, greatest in girl luxury is, and then you kind of sample it all. You seem fairly opinionated about this stuff. You know the best place for this or that, and how to get the best price. I would like to see more of that on your blog.”

I promise to share more of that including my well researched Ageless/beaty tips too….so you have to promise to come back! And please tell your friends….

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Renee *¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

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