Monday, February 22, 2010


Aunty on Drums

Aunty is going to be 86 Ageless years next week, March 7th, (the night of the Academy Awards) to be exact. We are thinking of ways to celebrate. After 85 birthday cakes, she tells me she wants to try something new. She is thinking of starting a band. Here she is playing the drums…with her fake cig, her purple gloves, and her sunglasses. She’s such a hepcat!

If anyone has any ideas for what to call her new group let us know. I like the name Love-Nest! That gets my vote. But my sister likes the Rolling Bones. As for Aunty, she prefers to do a take on the Grateful Dead, and call herself Grateful 2 b Alive.

We are thinking of sending this pictures to Hollywood. Maybe she can try out for Ageless Idol!!! You never know. She keeps proving to me that anything is possible. And, we do know one thing for sure… this picture validates that it is never too late for ANYTHING! Way to go Aunty… What an inspiration you are…

Rock on>

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