Sunday, October 30, 2011


still keeping up her routine with Gracie

As many of you know, my darling Aunty is very sick. She is 87 years old with advanced pancreatic cancer. She has not eaten any solid food for five weeks. Her body is weak. Yet, she is smiling. She laughs. She jokes. She still draws people in. I am continually amazed at her strength and courage. Her joie de vivre is unmatched. You have to see her to believe her, but, that is where this blog comes in. I hope to convey even a sliver of my Aunty’s wonderful spirit with my words. And, maybe even inspire you (and myself) to take our life up a notch, because we see through Aunty’s resiliency and happy heart that every breath is an extraordinary gift.

Aunty has no food in her body, yet, she got up to answer the door a few days ago! She tried getting herself out of bed this morning. And a few minutes ago she told me… you give me a happy life. She keeps thanking me. We bond closer every moment. Our love continues to blossom. I put flowers in her hair and all around her. I snuggle up next to her and hold her close. No matter how much time I spend with her it will never be enough.

I bought her the softest, coziest, and warmest, Martha Stewart down alternative comforter. She sleeps like a baby with a soft angelic smile. My friend Rory says “Aunty’s happy as a lark.” If there is a moral to this post, or a deeper meaning behind it, it is to live life to the fullest…every moment, every day, NO MATTER WHAT! If my precious and beloved Aunty, under her current circumstances can still dance (even if I have to hold her up), and sing, and pray (every night), and continue giving (she keeps giving her heart to me and those who come to our door. She lights up, reaches out to them, and tells them how lovely they are, then with all she has… she thanks them for coming to see her), than we can make the most of each day and our own set of circumstances. Maybe we can give of ourselves a little bit more than we thought we could. We can get up and dance, no matter how we feel, just to lift our spirits. We can always say one more prayer.  

Those of you who have had the privilege of spending some time with Aunty know exactly what I mean! She is a miraculous woman. Her selfless humility and inherent goodness are genuine. If I can typify even one tenth of her magic through this blog than you will feel really good when you are here. Following Ageless with Aunty is the next best thing to actually being in her presence. I give you my word of honor. Not one word of this post is exaggerated in any way. If anything, the words do not do her justice.

From this moment forward, my work is dedicated to our Aunty’s life and spirit. Like her, Ageless with Aunty will thrive, spread joy, and ask nothing in return. We’ll live to give. Amen.
Long Live Aunty!


pam said...

that's my girl!! She is an amazing an inspiring woman. You are both blessed to have each other.

brianamet said...

Aunty inspires YOU and you inspire US. LUV U!

Nawang P Phuntsho said...

Inspiring indeed, Aunty and you both. You take good care of your Aunty and you should continue to do that. That's what makes me feel like reading each post you blog here. Keep it up! And prayers of long life to the Aunty!

Anonymous said...

We all know that when we are dying, it is a very sad time. However, your blog offers a different perspective. It is about uplifting the spirit, realizing, and living the beauty of life. Aunty epitomizes RADIANCE in her last days, even with a smile. Her wonderful spirit is a Miracle or Saintly!!! I am fortunate that my life can be enriched with the messages, and inspiration I get every time I read your blog. Ageless aunty is a tough act to emulate, especially when the angels are calling. Love both of you!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Aunty asleep is one of the most beautiful images I've ever seen. It cracked my heart wide open. The amount of grace in that woman is humbling. Deep bow to you both for embracing the process of passing with love, beauty and eloquence, and endless thanks for sharing the gifts you are receiving with those in the digital world that are fortunate to tune in. Enduring love to both of you.

Michael said...

Renee, I am sorry to hear of this tough diagnosis. At 87 yo, aunty has lived a remarkable life, in part, due to you. With your vibrant spirit and out-going personality, aunty blossomed and enjoyed her happy and adventurous life, rather than living quietly and alone in a nursing or assisted home. This is a rewarding life that is fully lived, all because of your selfless commitment, endless love, caring devotion, and the many sacrifices. I pray for you and aunty. Enjoy and cherish those last precious moments.
Sat Nam.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

Its Sharon and Courtney, Auntie's nurses from Newton-Wellesley. We remembered your blog and came for a visit to check up on things. We keep you and Auntie in our thoughts and prayers, we'll always remember such a wonderful patient and her devoted and just as wonderful niece.

-Sharon and Courtney.

MinistryOfScience said...

She's a Saint and a mountain of spirit: Mt.St. Helen!

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