Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You would not believe it! Thankfully I have a witness. Aunty (who is still alive) is so close to God it’s miraculous. She is beaming, smiling, and beyond peaceful. It’s staggeringly and profoundly beautiful and amazing! She sat in the living room this morning with her hands folded on her lap. She had her eyes closed but had a serene smile as she looked upward.

She said, for the second time this week,  "I love everybody.” She whispered that God was calling her. I am speechless….

I had angelic Andrea Bocelli music playing softly in the background. Aunty, in her soft pink cotton nightgown  was communing with the angels and Saints. It was surreal.

Now she is sleeping on the couch with the sun coming in, and she is radiant. She may be very sick, but, when she wakes she says everything is wonderful. I am just in total and complete awe!

She embodies the Holy Spirit to the point of literally bringing me (her niece, caregiver, and constant companion) closer and closer to God... each day, each moment, each hour. She is the epitome of pure love!

How lucky am I to be caring for her here at home as she prepares to enter into heaven. I can hear the angels calling her...But, I am not ready to let her go. How can you really and truly ever let go of someone so perfect? We love each other to perfection. I am blessed beyond all measure, beyond all time, beyond all reason...I need a little more of this sacred time with her. Our profound bond is intensfied as she nears death..these days I am living in a differant realm.

In honor of our precious Aunty, please take a moment to pause, reflect, and to feel infinity...Ageless Aunty assures us its there, and we are all a part of it. There is bliss. There is comfort.


brianamet said...

My dear, you've done everything right..Aunty knows how much you love her, and so do her angels.
Share in the peace that is surrounding her now, you need to find comfort... and find the strength to let her go. LUV U!

Anonymous said...

I understand letting go is hard when you want to see aunty a day longer everytime. I think aunty is not letting go too until you are ready. Your love is embodying her to stay a bit longer for you. But when the saints make their final call, aunty will let you know, and you will see the light rather than the sadness. Amen.

Michael said...

Aunty is Ageless. Agelessness is in her radiance, smiles, and joys that shines in others.
It is her buoyant and nurturing persona that manifest in others. Aunty is Saintly. Saintlyness is toatl acceptance of your life by freely opening your heart and home to others. It is having a wonderful spirit by radiating pure love, kindness, and compassion to others. Aunty embodies saintly agelessness. Renee, you are blessed and loved, because your devotion and sacrifice is the legacy that she has annointed you. Peace.

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