Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Things are getting bigger and better

I was driving down a country road with a trusted friend. We were talking about my "BIG" plans. I will be sharing them with my readers soon. But, I promise more excitement then ever brewing. When he heard all about my upcoming entrepreneurial goals he said, "You really think Big don't you?|" I said, " I certainly do!" And, just then we noticed the worlds largest beach chair in front of a little store!

He pulled over. I got out and started getting comfortable with things getting Bigger & Better.

When you remain positive like I talked about in my last post things flow in the right direction. Your world opens up. The right people, places, and even things appear. That last post is worth repeating. What goes on inside our mind creates our reality. The brain is like a muscle. When we think well, we feel good.

The red shoes....Well, for anyone who has ever owned a pair, you know how great it feels when you wear them. They add color, zest, and fun. I feel even more positive and confident when I wear red. As a blooming entrepreneur in an often crazy, competitive, and overwhelming must do whatever it takes to stand out.

If you've got a good idea on your mind....Think Big and Wear Red Shoes! And don't forget to follow this blog. The GPS on my new Galaxy phone knows how to find Stardom! (Posing like the Statue of Liberty is optional.)
Notice the Red Stars behind me


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we stop moving forward due to life's obstacles. We must try to inspire ourselves. The universe is always giving- much more than we can and do imagine.

brianamet said...

My God Girl, you look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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