Monday, June 9, 2014


Bob Weir where are you?
As promised, there was a fabulous sixties event this past Saturday in Topsfield Massachusetts.
I was there! IT was a gas. And, the closest thing to going back in time….
To begin with I was with one of my best friends from High School. Then, mixing the past with the present I brought my new friend Lorie along. The three of us danced the day away under a stellar, perfectly blue sky! What made this celebration so groovy was the music…
The sounds of the sixties carried us away and if you closed your eyes you were there. I grooved to songs like Grazing in the Grass, Happy Together, Off of my Cloud, A Hard Days’ Night, and even one of Aunty’s favorites, Hey Jude! AS a dear friend would say, “Renee, you were in your glee.” And most of the hip, bell-bottomed, flower powered crowd around me was too.
So, all you “far out” Ageless with Aunty friends… heed the word. Come on down and join me in my travels, adventures, frolicking, prancing, skipping, hula-hooping sojourns, and magic carpet rides.  I had so much fun I literally jumped for joy! Next time maybe you’ll join me in the actual event. You never know where we might end up…another galaxy, a faraway place, just down the road…or around the corner. WE have mega-fun galore no matter where we are. Remember, I was taught by the Master of purity of heart, Aunty. And when your heart is light and full of love you simply cannot go wrong. That Good Karma sets the stage for a harmonious life. Agelessness and a Natural High follow you wherever you hang your love beads. Blessings abound…. And I am A lively Grateful.
Tomorrow night Martini’s and Masterpieces…. (See below or last blog post)


brianamet said...

Sounded like it was a "gas"! Last time I went to a 60s party, I won a walkman for best 60s outfit...yeah, it was a while ago!

Michael said...

Wow, going back in time with the music that was really special and fun. You surely know how to live it up and make time for enjoyment and having a great time with friends and the things that you keep you ageless. You are setting a pace that we cannot keep up with.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast!! You know how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest!!! We should follow your lead on the yellow brick road.

Renee Gold said...

thanks so much! We truly appreciate the comments.

Unknown said...

You are an amazing woman..I am so honored to have met you..


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