Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ageless Aunty in Action

Before I share more of my chutzpah laden stories, Ageless Aunty wants me to tell you that it’s never too late to play dress up.

Aunty, not too far away from ninety years of Agelessness, has a collection of hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, cigarette holders (for her trademark fake cig) and high-heels. She relishes wearing them all.
However, at this point I have to pull her past the shoe salon at Nordstrom’s because Aunty insists on buying high-heels. “I love them,” she declares adamantly. I may have to put my foot down with the stilettos’, but she does still wear her hats and cigarette holders. She is old school glamour. If she keeps this up, she might end up in Hollywood. No kidding. What an audience she could generate. Can’t you just see Ageless Aunty in her Jimmy Choo’s dancing with Ellen? She could be the host's best dance partner ever (aside from Barack Obama).
Everyone says, “Aunty is one person Oprah would love to meet!” I have to agree. What a positive message and life affirming vision….Ageless Aunty (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s no less) enjoying life with more gusto than anyone. She is remarkable. Her little girl spirit soars! Aunty tells me that reading my blog helps her to keep a youthful attitude. That is one endorsement that is going to be hard to beat…unless, Oprah or Ellen call.

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