Friday, December 4, 2009

Sat Nam

Mantra Mama

As promised, my great Ageless Aunty will be appearing on this site soon….
But first I want to share some magic words that have helped me to de-stress, de-age, and delight….*Sat Nam* pronounced saaht--nam….it means I bow to my higher self, truth, God! I first learned this profound mantra in Kundalini Yoga. Practicing Kundalini Yoga in my opinion is one guaranteed path to Agelessness. Everything about this practice promotes joy, unlike anything else I have ever experienced. We chant, we dance, we sing, we move, and we meditate, opening up our hearts, elevating our spirit, and somehow that inner peace and happiness that was there long ago, miraculously emerges. Bliss is possible with Kundalini Yoga, and it remains one of my favorite ways to stay Ageless.

Recently, when I started thinking about putting this blog together, I was experiencing major stress factors in my life, on all levels, and things were mounting. I wanted to add something to my Kundalini Yoga practice and I signed up for stress reduction class (that in itself is an Ageless thing to do). The course happens to be about Qigong. I am new to this ancient energy practice but I can already say…it is miraculous. You can feel it activate the body’s natural healing ability. I call it Feng shui for the psyche because as you breathe you can feel the flow. I went in feeling overwhelmed and came out feeling fully alive and let the problems roll off of me. You can look up Qi-Gong online, and I will be talking more about it as I get deeper into the practice. Our instructor gave us a CD to take home to help learn the movement flow. The voice on the disc is a calming and loving Chinese man walking you through this energy practice. As he stops at each part of the body he says things like… “illuminate the heart. Heart I love you.” I felt so relaxed and calm during the class, and more important afterwards. The instructor (a doctor) promises that many of his students have had amazing results from doing this work. I can promise you too, it is worth a try! Ten million people around the world are glowing from practicing Qigong…I am glad I am now one of them. If you clear out all the negative energy you make room for positive vibrations to get working. And picture how positive energy looks on you. Think of how you felt on a really good day in your life. Follow this blog and I can assure you that many more ways as to how we can uplift ourselves will appear. Slowly we become the embodiment of Agelessness…breath by breath, vertebrae by vertebrae…it is possible. Ahh….
Sat Nam…..

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