Thursday, December 31, 2009



Say Good-bye to regrets, just lessons learned, and hurdles jumped. Hopefully there are some accomplishments you can feel good about, and some time well spent, where you made others happy, to feel even better about.

Say Hello to 2010. Trust that it will be a more prosperous, productive and peaceful year. Let us all hope and pray, and visualize, that this upcoming decade will be one that history looks back upon as an absolute awakening, where human kind took an enormous leap in realizing we indeed have the power to make our world a much better place, simply by each one of us becoming aware of our own potential. We have more control and influence over ourselves and the world around us, then we have yet realized. Let's start manifesting our own greatness and cultivate more compassion for each other. Can you imagine the collective results?! And how Ageless the earth itself will become.

Aunty and I wish all Humans and Mother Earth a Happy New Year, and we envision a Wondrous Decade of Agelessness for All...

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