Tuesday, December 29, 2009



It was a moment. I sat in the mint condition Mercedes, on a newly paved driveway, in front of a sprawling home in an affluent suburb. I admired the perfectly fitting ring on my finger; an enormous, glittering chuck of fine craftsmanship. I could not take my eyes off it. Heading back towards the house I passed one of my four sisters (donning a fur) walking her little Yorkie after dinner. I heard another sister taking a head count to see who would be going to her ski chalet for New Years. I smiled. Welcome to the world of my siblings….where golf, travel, spacious homes, and zip codes like 90210 are the norm.

The Mercedes belongs to one of my sisters. I had run out to the new vehicle to throw salt for good luck. The ring was a new addition to another sister’s jewelry collection. What a treat just trying that thing on! The enormous statement piece looks like the earth… stars and all, one shimmering orb of 18k white gold.

I live in a different world: in a small crowded apartment, with just enough to get by, and still roll coins to do laundry. Yet, I am genuinely happy for my family. There is no reason why they shouldn't have nice things.

When I started this blog I stated that I truly wanted to be ageless. It’s not always easy… you do have to develop the right mindset. Take the following for example: everyone I know travels, and many, all over the world. I have not been on a real vacation in over ten years. And I have never been to Europe. Yet, I urge my friends to take pictures and send me postcards. I am always a captive audience when they return. It brings me joy to see others doing well and going places.

I know that nice homes, fine clothes, exotic vacations, and new cars don’t necessarily make you happy. I am just glad that I have always been able to appreciate other’s good fortune, and acknowledge the results of their hard work.

If you really and truly want to be, and stay ageless… take a moment to be happy for someone else today. Somehow you are blessed in the process. I can say that because I am sitting next to Ageless Aunty who adores me and doing what I am most passionate about…writing to you.

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Unknown said...

This is great.
I love how you write.
And more importantly what you say.
Happy New Year...I will be happy for you today.

Cousin Peter

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