Thursday, December 24, 2009



Ageless Aunty and I hope to give new meaning to the term “getting old.” Look at the photo above…Aunty doesn't look like she was born in the early part of the last century, does she? Aunty goes to yoga, college, parties, and just about everywhere I go. What is so astounding about this is Aunty has been told she has a little Alzheimer’s. Yet, by all accounts she is the happiest person alive. My aunt has become the toast of the town. I am not the only one in awe over her radiant spirit and selflessness humility. She is the best teacher anyone could ask for.

The most touching complement I have received is, “Your love for Aunty is a living example of what CHRISTMAS is all about.” It is MIRACULOUS what self sacrifice can do. This blog and any inspiration we can give, is our gift to you. Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year! Follow us and stay happy, healthy, and Ageless.

I have to run…. Aunty is eating all the Sugarplums & hopefully Spiking the Eggnog…

May we bring a little JOY to your world.

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