Thursday, December 17, 2009


Coffee that Glows..

I have found the ultimate Holiday Coffee! That’s a big deal considering there are thousands to chose from, and even more noteworthy because I have been searching for years.

The name is, HO, HO, JOE! And since I love the holidays, they got me with the first “Ho.” This festive and delectable blend is an impeccable concoction of vanilla, hazelnut and chestnut, with a warm background of cinnamon. Even for those who think they don’t like flavored coffee should give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised, as a few of my friends have been. If there is a coffee that can make you sparkle, this is it. Look at me after just one cup.

We can drink with confidence too because Harvard Researchers have found that coffee boosts our mood, prevents cavities, can stop a headache, helps with diabetes, and even improves our memory.

Forget the milk and cookies. Leave some Ho, Ho, Joe! for Santa this year so he won’t forget to leave you something too.


Runner up, and an old favorite is
Green Mountain’s Spicy Eggnog Coffee. Another perfect seasonal treat! And a must try (if you like Eggnog, coffee, and are adventurous).
Go to

And last, but not least, honorable mention goes to The Snowball and Holiday Grogg coffee both from SoufflĂ©’s in Newburyport Massachusetts. The former, White Chocolate Coconut, and the latter made with a myriad of secret ingredients. A certain Santa’s helper told me one was Rum! Find out for yourself by visiting

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