Sunday, November 18, 2012


Glamorous Aunty circa 1960
please note the elegant feathery sleeves
Remembering Aunty…
Today is the one year anniversary of the death of my beloved, precious, and cherished Aunty. Most of you know that Aunty inspired this blog (still does) and that she was truly the epitome of selfless humility, love and humor. She is missed dearly by all who knew her. I am glad to say that I have found ways (too many to mention here) to keep “in relationship” with her and to keep her extraordinary spirit even more alive than it already is, and was always destined to be. She smiles on me. She smiles on all who remember her.
Best Pals
 I will leave you with a few of her favorite words.
I love you
I forgive you
Thank you
Where’s my coffee?
Everything is wonderful.
In keeping with my promise to her I will continue to do great things in her name through God. I plan to write a book about her. Those who know Aunty assure me it will be a bonafide best-seller. I am developing a product infused with her inherent goodness. My ultimate dream is to start a Foundation to honor her life and legacy of selfless love. Like Aunty it will surely help many in need.
One of the loving rituals I have done every single night since Aunty passed (and even shortly before) is to light a candle in her honor. She continues to glow with goodness in death just as she has in life. She will be with me forever and a day. Like our love She is eternal. Her passing has not separated us. Miraculously we are as close as ever! As she wishes.
Aunty Helen ….Born March 7, 1924 and, surrounded by Angels she eased beautifully into infinity on November 18th 2011 as I held her in my arms.
Aunty, as you assured me over and over, I say back to you…
“You are my heart.”
“Forever & ever and ever….Amen.”
shortly after Aunty's passing I found this heart embedded into the earth
in a place Aunty and I used to frequent!


brianamet said...

Aunty will live on through you, through your beautiful and caring heart.

Michael said...

Aunty must have been the most loving, wonderful and caring person in your life. She has blessed and loved you so much that you still forever cherish her, and the incredible memories you shared, and continue to share after death. may you see more aunty 'hearts' in your path!

Anonymous said...

Angel aunty has blessed you with the light to be that fun, loving, vivacious person that you are. Now you continue to light the way to a new adventure/goals with your projects, while nightly lighting a candle in her honor. May angel aunty guide you to success in all of your endeavors. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Renee Gold said...

Thank you so much! Your commments are touching.
May Aunty Bless you....
And I know she will.

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