Saturday, November 10, 2012


Send this little guy to college 
One sure way to feel good is by being helpful and kind to others. And of course to give whenever we can. There are certainly many worthy causes. The list is endless. I am sure many of you have some of your favorites. I have two new charities for you to consider. Don’t go away this is really cool…
Helping Hands Monkey Helpers actually trains these adorable capuchin monkey’s (see above)to help the disabled. The little creatures go to a special monkey college in Boston and once they are fully trained they are placed with a deserving disabled recipient from all over the country to assist them. The monkeys provide daily, in-home assistance to people living with spinal cord injury or other mobility impairments. Some of the tasks these fully trained monkey helpers can do is turn off the lights, open doors, and turn the pages of magazines! It’s utterly amazing and heartwarming to witness. You can only imagine the vast positive impact the monkeys have on those recipients who do not have use of their hands. Go to the site and see for yourself. Monkey Helpers for the Disabled is truly a worthwhile charity to consider
They can always use volunteers and donations. And, according to Boston Socialite Doris Jaffe, Monkey Helpers Annual Fundraiser “is the best kept secret in Boston.” She’s right! Here I am on the scene (as a volunteer)  doing what Aunty taught me…..…helping others. It feels so good. And, what a way to live up to the name of this blog while keeping Aunty’s legacy of service alive. For the record Aunty loved the Monkey Helper Events....and naturally the little creatures too.
Another way to help those in need is with Pie in the Sky.
This is the perfect Thanksgiving Fundraiser. While we all plan our Plentiful Turkey Day or should I say Feast, and Banquet others are not so fortunate. My good friend Jo Jo is selling pies for the cause. Pie in the Sky provides meals and nutrition to the critically ill and homebound in Massachusetts. They love to say: You are the Secret Ingredient! How lovely is that. These delicious pies are made by the top chefs in Boston. This is an easy cause to contribute to: you are going to buy or make one anyway why not just order online and pick it up right at your local supermarket! If you decide to order the pie, go to: and click  “I want to buy a pie!” link.
2. pick you pie flavor (apple, pecan, sweet potato, pumpkin)or donate the pie.
3. choose method of payment
4. choose location you want to pick it up (over 200).
5. pat yourself on the back because you fed someone for a week.   Total time: 2 minutes.
Pie seller:  Joanne Keaveney or  #3915 (it will ask ).
Deadline: November 14th.
Thank you so much for your goodwill. When you have much it doesn’t hurt to give a little away. It will always come back to you. There is good karma in giving.


brianamet said...

You are so incredibly gorgeous and young-looking...your energy for helping others seems boundless. You really live up to your beliefs and how you write this blog!

Michael said...

Thanks for sharing your charities and time. This is the first that I am hearing of this monkey charity. Very interesting and warming.
I hope that I can still order my sweet potato pie.

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