Sunday, October 28, 2012


Holding on to Aunty's Light
If you take a look at the last blog post
you will see the two lanterns (pictured here) that I used to carry with Aunty.
And even though it's not easy carrying on without her....
My Aunty's Light, Spirit, and Energy are infused in everything I everything I touch, and are still my best company and my best protection!
However, at times it's just not easy to be as happy and as brave as Aunty always was.
I do count on my friends to help me along. I can not stress enough the importance of nurturing your friendships. When I look back on this last year (November 18th will mark the one year anniversary of Aunty's passing) I can assure my readers that the only way I managed to get through the pain and the loneliness of losing Aunty, aside from my faith, and the optimism & courage Aunty instilled in me, was with a little help from my friends.
My friends are more than happy to
 help uphold Aunty's Light
while Illuminating my life
In Light of Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coat today.... Don't be afraid of the Dark. Keep in mind that the Light from within will endure any storm....and as seen throughout this is  indomitable and it is eternal!


Michael said...

I suppose there is a light before every storm too. Not even a storm or missing aunty could dampen your spirit to celebrate the light from within. Your light was once low, now it shines illuminously in your persona and friends. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

I love the message of the light within. We must always allow our light to continously glow externally too into our smile, face,actions, friends, and activities! That is why we call it a radiant smile!!! Let the light radiate!!!

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