Monday, December 5, 2011


the warmth of Aunty's rays aka
the Aunty Connection...

I know that I have to go on with my life even though Aunty is no longer physically present. This is a hard thing to do. Since I was born I have never been without this woman. She is such a spectacular soul that losing her is that much more profound. However, when I just used the words “spectacular soul,” I realized in that moment that Aunty is still alive (in spirit) and always will be. And, even though I have been crying A LOT lately, on the deepest level, I know that Aunty is watching over me and is truly my precious Guardian Angel. To validate this… take a look at the picture I just received. It is hard for me to put into words how the above picture makes me feel. My friend took this shot as I was the last person to leave Aunty’s glowing grave site. This glorious photo captures everything about my relationship with aunty, and her divine presence, spirit, and soul! That woman was so much larger-than-life. She is life itself. And by that I mean after life as well. This gives me great peace. When I'm feeling sad and blue I will just look at this picture (which will be enlarged to the highest degree). As my friend said when she sent it to me "Aunty is all around you." If you look closely you will see Aunty sending me rays of light to comfort me. I raise my arms to receive her gift of pure love.
For anyone who has lost a loved one that they were close to, you know they are never too far away. When the love is that deep, that real, that solid, not even death can take them from you. Because I know this to be true my tears lessen, and I put the boxes of tissue aside, and enjoy looking at the above picture instead.
I take enormous comfort in knowing that I will always be connected to Aunty. This picture, the feeling in my heart, the cherished memories, and my continued communication with aunty prove it. Aunty is everywhere I am! Our bond is unbreakable.

In some upcoming posts I’ll be sharing some of the highlights of aunty’s wake and funeral. I'm still getting lots of heartfelt compliments regarding those "wonderful" holy events. Many have used the word “enjoy’ when referring to the experience they had during Aunty’s final send off. All the goodness and light that surrounded and emanated from Aunty during her life followed her to the world beyond. Her wake and funeral were joyous and, I am told, deeply gratifying for everyone present.
selfless humility and virtue: Aunty Saint Helen
So it is with great happiness that I announce aunty is alive and well (in a differant form of energy) and sending blessings to me, to every else who loved her, and to the followers of Ageless!
Real soon, I'll be getting back to my own life and what this blog is all about… Enjoying every day to the fullest, staying ageless in the process, and most of all, being happy. More succinctly… simply being Aunty!
As a perk for following Ageless, I promise to share with my readers as Aunty continues to teach and guide me.
Happy holidays….Happy Aunty!


Anonymous said...

I am happy that you can feel the connection with your Guardian Angel aunty. She will always give you signs to know that she is there. The rays of light are wonderful and symbolical, as it captures the spiritual dimension most of us do not see, understand or can appreciate. May you enjoy those special moments as well as find comfort. This posting is one of celebrating aunty's passing, and I admire this uplifting and inspiring approach or event. It is not one of death and sadness which is the norm. You are getting the warmth you so deserved and need.
Peace and Joy, Your Anonymous Guy.

Dale Fournier said...

Those rays are essence of Aunty! Her brightness shines even now...

It was the most beautiful funeral I have been to, and your eulogy was both profound and joyous.

Looking at this photo of her in that shirt, I can barely believe that she has passed.

Anonymous said...

Was just thinking of you and Aunty and thought "I'll google Auntie's name". With sadness I found her obituary, but a beautiful one at that. I hope you find some comfort in the fact that she is resting peacefully. Do something fun to enjoy your favorite time of year.. Christmas Prelude is in full effect! I'll be thinking of you throughout the season.

Much Love,
Kara Losier

Michael said...

The continued and profound love for your aunty is heart breaking, yet amazing. I am truly sad that aunty is not physically here, but I am really happy that you can find solace and upliftment, with the spiritual connection of aunty. It is wonderful that angel aunty continues to inspire and support you during your journey. Christmas will still be special as we celebrate the spirit of Christ, and now you are celebrating the spirit of angel Aunty. Peace to you, your blogging friend, Michael.

brianamet said...

Re, it's wonderful to hear your positive and enlightening words. I wish you continued strength in the days to come. Luv, Bre

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