Wednesday, July 11, 2012


These two precious children sat next to me at the recent James Taylor show in the Berkshires! What a treat to be so close to such love, perfection, and wonder. A few feet away were more kids (at heart) having even more fun (me and my group)....

One of the reasons this blog exists is to remind you: HAVE (at least a little) FUN EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOU CAN!
live music, summer drinks,
love beads, and good friends

A few minutes after the above picture was taken (by one of my BEST friends ever) we all got up to dance. We were so caught up in the moment (and it always comes down to a moment doesn't it) that no one stopped to take a picture. But, I clearly remember twisting and shouting on the lawn at Tanglewood on the Fourth of July 2012. Sometimes the best of memories are not always captured on film.

After reading this, get up and dance, or just throw your hands in the air, walk the beach, listen to your favorite song three times in a row, buy a DVD of a film you love, pick up the phone and actually call a friend instead of sending an email, put a hula-hoop around your waist and smile.  Don't let the children have all the fun! And for those of you already enjoying this day....GOOD for YOU! I thank you for making the world a little lighter...
~Keeping my inner child alive~


pam said...

Thanks for helping me to keep it positive!

Michael said...

I agree that our inner child needs that nurturing- to find enjoyment and be with friends. Our inhibitons seems to hold us back, and you always remind us that kids just let go and have pure fun!

Anonymous said...

What a blast you had- enjoying a James Taylor concert in the beautiful Bershires! I think you are an Adult Kid or a Kid at Heart!

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