Tuesday, July 3, 2012


                                                 We want YOu to have fun!

If you are reading this in the United States of America…..HAPPY INDENPDENCE DAY! CELEBRATE BIG THIS YEAR….MAKE IT A JUBILANT FOURTH OF JULY. If you are in another country….come visit us this summer….We are BIG fun!

For me, this Fourth of July is not quite the same. This will be the first time ever, since I have been old enough to watch fireworks that I won’t be watching with Aunty by my side. It’s a tough one. She LOVED celebrations and every day with her was a holiday. But, since Aunty inspired this blog, I will be true to her effervescent spirit and carry on.  Yes, I will cry; I already have twice today. But, tomorrow I am going to see James Taylor perform at Tanglewood. This is quite a treat. There will be a lavish lawn party where almost everyone will be setting up picnics. Many toast champagne (I know we will), while leaning back and inhaling the fresh air of the Berkshires (in Western Massachusetts). I am quite excited. And when James sings You’ve Got a Friend, I will be sitting between two of mine. I know I will undoubtedly hear Aunty (MY BEST FRIEND EVER) whispering the words all around me, inside and out. YOU JUST CALL OUT MY NAME AND YOU KNOW WHERE EVER I AM, I’LL COME RUNNING TO SEE YOU AGAIN….WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, OR FALL…. and, I won’t even have to call, because the truth of the matter is: she’s always been right by my side, and she always will. LOVE IS ETERNAL.
Everything was larger than life with Aunty!

God Bless~


Anonymous said...

renee your message is so beautiful so profound.
don't fret aunty is with you forever & ever &
ever. she is your guide, your angel & mentor.
how special is that?

Michael said...

Renee, I cried in my heart for you! This post was so touching as angel aunty was/is your best friend forever and ever. What a lovely and tender piece of writing!!! You know, 'You've got friend'!

Anonymous said...

You are a true Patriot! You know how to celebrate, and at the same time have 'big' fun on Indepedence Day. Also you do not forget your loved ones and friends. We all love angel aunty, and James Taylor. Who doesn't?

Renee Gold said...

My readers are so loving, kind, and wonderful.
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your lovely comments! Aunty sends blessings...~

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