Wednesday, January 1, 2014


There was no champagne, no party hats, and no old friends, BUT, I had one of the BEST NEW YEAR’S EVES EVER!
My boyfriend’s family is what I call old-school. They feel the more the merrier, and when they have a party they invite the entire family. Since they exclude no one, this can easily mean thirty people plus. My boyfriend has ten cousins and they all have children. They are so welcoming and friendly (not only to me) but, some of them even travel with their mother-in-law! The mother of these ten children, my boyfriend’s Aunty Leonie…is highly revered. It’s clear to see that she is the person who years ago created a space for all this love to grow. She remains at the helm.

Five o’clock is dinner. When we arrived half the family came to the door to greet us.  I immediately felt welcomed. They took our coats and then gave us their full attention.

There were so many of us for dinner we decided to eat in shifts. And while half the family ate the other socialized. One truly notable thing is the absence of alcohol, especially at the holidays. They just don’t drink. Yet, the atmosphere is so celebratory. The spirit is in the air and not a glass.

Every bit of food was homemade from the lasagna to the fish to the eggplant. I sipped Aunty Leonie’s made from scratch sublime flower based purple drink. WE enjoyed our meal over a conversation about positive thinking and how much our thoughts can affect our lives. Everyone had a turn to be heard. Gathering around the table like that created a loving and respectable feeling. The night kept getting better.
After dinner the highlight of the evening was watching the movie ELF! What was so special about this was watching it with a room filled with happy people WHO HAD NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE! The laughter kept escalating. Will Ferrell naturally was a hit and I think I scored some points for not only suggesting the movie but for bringing my copy of it.

Everyone moved back to the kitchen for tea and cookies and a bit more laughter. Later we hit the road but reluctantly. No one wanted us to leave. I can’t tell you how good that feels. Knowing you are genuinely wanted is the best feeling. I got hugs from everyone and two from the youngest little girl (who had earlier been playing with my hair and now holding my hand). Several family members walked us to the door. “Don’t be a stranger. Come back soon. Thanks so much for the movie.” They huddled together at the door and watched us walk to our car. As one big family unit they stood in the doorway waving as we drove off. I felt so complete. It was a night of love, of family, and of making new friends. It was a perfect New Year’s Eve that kept getting better.

When I got back home I was welcomed by the glow of the Eternal Aunty Candle…. a lovely white candle in honor of my late great Aunty Helen. And since it was still New Year’s Eve I had another special candle ready and waiting.

That morning I had found out about an old but true holiday saying. A bayberry candle burned to the socket brings Joy to the heart and Gold to the pocket! So, I lit my special good luck candle and made my wish. As I sit now at my computer on the first day of the New Year I can already feel it coming true.

And my new year’s promise to you (readers of Ageless) is the same. Around here we have endless amounts of JOY. And, given my new prosperous attitude, GOLD IN THE POCKET is next! It’s there…I can feel it…….. I CAN’T’ be low on funds and struggling forever. Rich in spirit always$ now Rich in pocket too!

I would like to bestow those same good wishes and truths to YOU! Whatever you want and need can be yours. All you have to do is believe from your molecules. Everything else is taken care of….. 2014=LUCKY SEVEN



Renee Gold said...

I forgot to mention they read my blog and bought me gifts!
What's not to like?!

Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Happy New Year! I am so glad you enjoyed our family in Boston. My mother and her sister Leonie worked so hard to keep us together. To their credit, we never argue among ourselves! I am grateful. Blessings.

brianamet said...

May 2014 be your year!!

Michael said...

Such a warm and cozy New Year's eve to bring in the New Year with such a nice and welcoming family. You just seem to be blessed in the richness of friends and family and hopefully this 2014 year is a lucky one with 'GOLD'.
I like the idea of lucky 7= 2+0+1+4 !!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, no booze!!! That's a first! I believe that having quality time with friends and family is more important than getting high or drunk or wasted. How can you really appreciate a great experience if you are not fully in the moment or unable to maximize your enjoyment if you are 'partially' impaired due to alcohol? Power to that family and you in creating a magnificent, engaging and relaxing New Year! This seems like a New Year resolution to respect and marvel- less or no alcohol. Hmmm....... At least, we will be safe while driving.

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