Monday, November 25, 2013


One of the best gifts I can give you is expert advice and tips on how to save money! And, I can. I have several friends who are published authors and one of them has a NEW book called Negotiating When Money Matters. Therefore, I can promise Anyone out there reading this who is hiring contractors and or, spending their hard earned money on property improvements/issues can save time and money by reading this wonderful little book. Lynnette, the author is a real pro.
She is so smart you can let her mind and savvy business acumen work for you. The book is easy to read and simply straight out tells you how to talk with contractors and others who may want to charge you more than a job is worth. It just gives you the inside scoop on how to negotiate and get a fair deal every time.
It’s with great pleasure that I present such a helpful book to my readers. I know it can help you save lots of money with all your projects. However, It can only help you if you buy it.
Get it here…. and with all that money you save you can buy yourself a Christmas present. Or, better still…buy a friend this book!
The chapter alone on Getting Your Money back is worth the price of the book. The author reminds us that no deal is over until the customer is happy! Hearing this made me realize my power as a consumer.  A must
Read for anyone who doesn’t want to get ripped off!  Renee
Lynnette will also be giving seminars based on the book.  If you think anyone might prefer to hear her talk in person, rather than read the book.
Mark your calendars! Lynnette is going to speak in Bedford, MA on Tuesday Feb. 4
Winchester MA Wednesday March 5
or Concord MA, Wednesday March 26
It's the same seminar at all three, "Successful Negotiation" lasting 2 hours. The book will be available for sale afterward, $21. Check, MC, VISA and cash accepted.
Seminar prices are set by the venue, but some won't post for another 2-3 weeks.
Have a money saving New Year…..


bajar de peso said...

Grandes cosas de ti, hombre. He leído tus cosas antes y tu demasiado impresionante. Me encanta lo que has llegado hasta aquí , amo lo que dices y cómo lo dices. Usted lo hace entretenido y todavía se las arregla para mantener de manera inteligente . No puedo esperar a leer más de usted
Los servicios profesionales y la escritura del ensayo a la orden. Los precios más bajos , la máxima calidad y la singularidad de cada obra.

Unknown said...

Hi! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!

Michael said...

Thanks for the hint on how to save by getting this book or attending this seminar. I will check it out. This will keep me ageless as I would have more money for treating myself.

Anonymous said...

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