Saturday, September 14, 2013


My baby grandniece I call Pipsqueak
There is no greater feeling on earth or in the Universe than L-O-V-E!  When you love someone it takes you outside of yourself. You are in a realm of wonder and of awe. You are in the ultimate state of being.
I would like to say here before the entire world, or at least the World Wide Web, that my greatest gift in life is my ability to LOVE! As a human being I am by no means perfect. But, I keep an open and flowing heart. I remain deeply grateful for my ability to continually give infinite amounts of love.
Because of this I can transcend many things…even loss, betrayal, blame. Love is like a pair of stilts. It literally takes you above it all. What a great place to be. Your view of the world is even better!
When you meditate, or just stop to breathe and pause, you can feel the love around you. It’s always there. That indomitable force all over the heavens, and earth, the galaxies and the solar systems is always present. We all are born with the ability to give and receive love. So, whomever and whatever you love, pay special attention to, by doing so you create even more love. It’s an infinite system and never runs out. We are lucky….we are living fully when we let love in and give it back. What else are we here for really?! Besides, as a perk….Natural highs are the best aren’t they?!
Looking at the picture above and below almost makes me ecstatic. I wholeheartedly adore my new baby grandniece and my late Great Aunty…..just two simple pictures flowing with the energy we call L-O-V-E! Its so good and so easy to spread.
And, nothing is more Ageless than being in alignment with all the good energy around us!
*Special Bonus for those who follow Ageless with Aunty....our precious, and now heavenly Aunty, keeps sending more and more love from above.....*
She says: Feel My Love Now!


brianamet said...

I hope "Pipsqueak" grows up to know and share in all the happiness that a world full of love can offer...and I know you'll lead the way!

carroll said...

What a beautiful baby!!! I can akmost see aunty vehind those eyes! May God bless them both.

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