Saturday, October 30, 2010


Four of the five Gold Girls do Halloween

From the looks of things this picture was shot somewhere between Prehistoric times and the Edwardian Period.
Is it a trick or a treat?
Either way, Happy Halloween to you.
And, if staying Ageless is on your to-do list,
donning a costume of some sort on October 31st, is always fun. Even if it's just to answer the door.

What are you giving out to the children this year?
Aunty loves candy! I better hide the gummy pumpkins and chocolate bats before there's none left for the kids.

Don't forget to blast Thriller and Monster Mash~
Who says you have to go to a big party to be festive?
Celebrating starts at home!


Anonymous said...

I just hope that adults aren't loud past 9:30. Not everyone stays up late (some people have young children who are trying to sleep or an adult who has to be at work very early.)
It all comes down to common courtesy.
Having said that, I hope that everyone enjoys their Halloween/Samhain.

MinistryOfScience said...

Always a treat to "hang" with Renee and Haunty on the high Weenie holidays.

Unknown said...

All the best for the party. I hope you have enjoyed very much.
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Student Accomodation said...

hey all the best for the party...totally agree with you that party starts at home..:)
must say this pic. on your post is super cute..thanks for sharing..:)

Student Accommodation

whatever.. said...

Everyday, everyplace is cause for celebration with Renee and Aunty around!

whatever.. said...

Nice to see the entitled parents aren't actually all living in NYC!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the entitled childless aren't actually all living in this town.

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