Saturday, January 28, 2012


Things are looking up here at Ageless

Poet, philosopher and man of many talents, Henry David Thoreau said: In the long run, we only hit what we aim at! I agree.  I have a picture of a bulls-eye on my wall that says so.
Since I have long been reaching for the stars, with my projects, products, books, and screenplays, I have decided to study them. Pretty soon I will know exactly where to reach! I took one simple star gazing class and it really opened up my mind. I literally looked up and stepped back. Suddenly my world just grew. It is utterly amazing what is there all around us if we just stop, look, and listen. Taking a small time out for yourself in this profoundly fast paced world might be the hardest part. But, try it and see where it leads.
I am so excited  to share such a unique and wonderful opportunity with the followers/readers of Ageless. Join my friends and me on a star-gazing journey. For a minimal sliding scale fee you can study, talk, and hang out with the super cool, and friendly, easy- to-talk to, Astronomy professor and Author, Stephan Martin.
 Talk about Ageless! This is really going to be a supernatural delight. Please consider joining us as we pause to explore the universe. We are calling this the New Universe-ity.
For more information or to pre-register, contact Stephan Martin at or call (508) 567-1066. And, remember, before you hear it from Doctor Oz, about how good it is for your psyche to participate in a journey through the cosmos, you heard it here first. Just like the healthy Ming Tsai Mushroom Coffee I told you about before Dr. Oz featured it on his show! Do you think Dr. Oz could possibly be reading my blog? Who knows. But, I won't be too suprised if he shows up for our star-gazing.   


Helen said...

Renee, I agree that we were fortunate to meet Steve and be part of this exciting new venture of exploring the Universe at The New Universe-ity.

Hold to your hats....we are in for quite a ride!!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting. To study the Universe and the Stars is to take another step towards understanding what is beyond ourselves. I look forward to you updating us on this infinite journey.

Michael said...

You meet interesting people along your journey. May be you may meet Ming Tsai or Dr. Oz this year or in the future. Your stars are aligning, and aunty is helping too. I pray that this 2012 is a productive and rewarding time for you.

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