Wednesday, February 29, 2012


If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it!

I was walking down the street thinking about Aunty, as I usually do. She was really on my mind. It was as if she were right there. This has been happening a lot lately. I started singing a song that I used to sing to her. I love you aunty, oh yes I do. I love you aunty, oh yes it's true. When you're not near me, I'm blue (but you are near me all the time). I sang that last part super-fast. Oh, Aunty, I love you! Then, right there in front of me… was this enormous heart embedded into the ground. It was written in stone (literally) that aunty surely heard me, and was clearly communicating back to me! I stood there feeling completely and utterly loved, just like I did when Aunty was alive.
Phenomenal incidences like this continue to happen.  I know Aunty is with me and always will be. This provides enormous comfort on many levels. Love never dies. When it's profound and deep it simply continues, even after death. Our loved ones do communicate from the afterlife. I lost my beloved Uncle D (Aunty's husband) in 2004. And, i know he has been trying to communicate with me. I have just been too busy taking care of Aunty ever since, to fully pay attention. But, now I will, because as my darling Aunty continues to appear, the enormous staying power of love becomes undeniably clear. 
me and my shadow (aka Aunty)
Communicating with aunty like this is something I wasn't prepared for and did not expect. But I love being in her spiritual presence. Sharing such a profoundly wonderful experience with my readers makes me feel better (as I still grieve the physical loss of Aunty). I hope my sacred experience is something you can appreciate too.  Keep coming back because Aunty is here, and always will be. We know she has always been Ageless…now she is timeless! And, as always, blessing everyone with loving kindness.
A miraculous love...


brianamet said...

As the wonderful Beatles sang..'All You Need is Love"!!

Renee Gold said...

Thanks....I appreciate all the comments.

Michael said...

That's incredible!!! You mentioned and I know that you would receive signs from angel aunty, but this is unbelievable. I have walked many streets and sidewalks in many countries, and never saw any images like that. Renee, you are truly blessed and loved. Angel aunty keeps reminding you, that it is Ok, she is always near when you need and miss her. Amen.

Anonymous said...

The shadow (is it really yours?) seems to have an angelic effect- an interesting form/shape. I know that your aunty was ageless, and now she is timeless. She still loves being part of the blog, taking us on a new adventure- a spiritual one. WOW! This is really an ageless and timeless blog!

jqe said...

How very beautiful, inspirational and comforting for all who have lost loved ones. Happy Birthday Aunty! A celebration of life every year on this date is a grand idea!

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