Friday, December 14, 2012


 Some gifts are so good you have to buy two
Books always make great gifts. I have a terrific one that you may want to consider.
Lunch with Buddha written by my friend Roland Merullo. This guy is one fantastic storyteller. And, as I have said before…he’s a genuinely great man! You should buy his entire collection! He’s prolific. There are lots to choose from. Some of my favorites are American Savior or In Revere, In Those Days….
I loved his latest book Lunch with Buddha so much I bought two.

Who doesn’t like Mermaids? My pal Ramune makes them by hand. She’s Addicted to Mermaids.
And that is the name of her wonderful and whimsical site. Check it out. By placing an order you can be sure you are sending a gift that is unique and creative. Ramune works hard and her quality creations make great presents.
Ramune & her mermaids
Everyone needs a calendar. There is a fabulous site called Love’s Freeway. Treat your eyes and see for yourself. A former writing coach of mine is an expert photographer. Her calendars sell out every year!

For something exquisite Shoyeido Incense is my all-time favorite. The exclusive family recipe has been produced in Japan by hand for over 300 years! You get the feeling like you are in an exotic Japanese Tea house, a mist of puffy clouds, or soaking in a warm bath. The second to none mixtures are blissful.
They are made with only the finest ingredients and there are so many scents to choose from. Your friends will appreciate the sensational aroma in their home. Everyone who enters will surely ask “What is that amazing scent?” Buy some for yourself too and mellow out! Sat Nam…

If you are a BIG Spender and want to go all out and give a gift that truly lasts forever….then go to my BFF’s site and buy one of her Antique Diamond Rings! My head Is spinning at the thought. I dream of having an array of brilliant colorful gems on all my fingers…. But, just start with one! Miss Dale will be glad to help you choose the one that is perfect for you. Her tastes are impeccable. She has me for her BFF doesn't she?!
Last, but certainly not least, is the GIFT of your precious and valued time. Visiting friends and family over the holiday season is the best gift of all! Sharing memories over cups of tea, fresh roasted coffee….or a Mistletoe Martini simply can’t be beat! Pass the Eggnog please…. And scroll around this blog for the most exclusive coffee and tea selections on earth!
p.s. I love Uggs! One of my Christmas Dreams is to buy everyone I know a pair!




Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

I'll take a martini and skip the "uggs!" Merry Christmas, Miss Ageless!

brianamet said...

You'd be the sweetest treat under anyone's tree!

Michael said...

You always have a unique gift idea to share.
What did Santa give you?

Anonymous said...

How do you meet and find these interesting people as well as these products?

Holly said...

Perhaps you want to fix the link for the book. It is:

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