Thursday, April 18, 2013


I can say with sheer pride and every once of patriotism....
Just like Bill Iffrig, the 76 year old man
who fell before the finish line when the first bomb went off only to get right back up
and finish the race, Boston too, and those families personally suffering great loss, will rise back up. You can not fall too far down when so many around you are there to help and hold, and so many care. Right now many families and patients are being held up by prayer and compassion from their fellow man and with that much healing energy Boston is slowly starting to shine again!
I would like to thank our President Barack Obama for coming to Boston and delivering a truly perfect inspirational, healing, and motivational speech. For those who pray, please remember our President. We are all affected when tradedgy befalls our nation and our fellow man/women/children. And, like our president declared today, "Bombs can't beat us!"
For anyone who wants to help go to: 


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

One of your finest posts! We pray for all those who have experienced acts of terror in Boston and in various parts of the world. May peace reign in our hearts!

brianamet said...

I will never be able to understand the cruelty that led to such devastation...never. But we are left with the love and compassion of so many, let us keep THAT in our hearts forever.
"No more hurting people...Peace" Martin Richard

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