Friday, October 11, 2013


Getting Closer to My Dreams....
What action are you taking to bring yourself closer to what you really want in life? Some of us have simple dreams and are content with what we have. We count our blessings and are glad to be alive (especially on a day like this). Then there are those of us who want even more and Dream Big! I am in the latter camp. I have always been an over-the-top dreamer. And, I am glad to say that I finally figured out a way to achieve what I want. Its’ called hard work, focus, confidence, and believing. With guts, determination and vision I am CONSISTENTLY working towards my goal (which these days is to develop my BRAND… empowering brand like nothing you have ever seen or heard before). I pretty much work 24/7 (because even in my sleep I am envisioning all this). And, with the accumulation of hard work you start to shed old skin and feel really good. Sometimes, putting in all these long hours towards a dream makes me giddy with anticipation.
with the president of the Inventors
Association of New England
Everything has changed. I decided things would have to be different and they are. I decided that I would stay focused no matter what, and, I am! I decided that I have the confidence to proceed in what can often be a tough business world, and now I do. It feels empowering. All I did was make that simple decision and then stay focused on it. When you do that the world around you gets the message and everything starts to line up. Even the right people start showing up.
Working towards a dream is fully living. I am no longer going through the motions on auto pilot.

at MIT
at Harvard
All of you out there in Ageless Land who have a dream, a goal, or something you really want to bring to fruition….just tell yourself every single day NO MATTER WHAT, that you can do it. If you stay Consistent, before you know it your life starts to blossom and transcends on to a new level. It’s kind of miraculous. And it’s all within you to take action at any given moment. We are a lot more magical then we think we are….. And so is the world around us.  The Big Secret (for those of you who really do want to get from A to Z) is staying Consistent and Focused!


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Great post, Miss Ageless! It reminds me of the words of Joseph Campbell: "Follow your bliss, where the deep sense of being is from and where your body and soul want to go!" The doors are opening ...

Anonymous said...

You will achieve your goals because you are a go getter,you believe
in yourself & have such a beautiful relentless spirit.
Follow the light.----You are almost there.----G--

brianamet said...

I send you all my love and'll be over the rainbow soon!

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