Monday, April 21, 2014


You are never too old to give or receive an Easter Basket! And, I am glad to report that the Easter Bunny still delivers and is hopping along even in this high paced, high-tech world.

Yesterday, after a glorious Easter with friends and family, when I arrived home I found this lovely and fluffy Easter Basket on my door step!
Well, Hello Kitty...
My very own Ageless Easter Basket

I was truly delighted. The only thing that could have made me any happier is if the Baby above had been delivered to my door in a basket!

That is the same baby but not my doorstep
darn it!
I am happy to say that the Spirit of Easter and that of Joy and Hope is alive and well.
Just look at these pictures!
It's ageless and its' so gratifying to give to others. The parents that share these amazing photos of their darling baby boy, my friends who carry on the Ageless Spirit of coloring eggs, making baskets, visiting each other on Easter, and most of all just spreading happiness around. Often little acts of kindness yield BIG results.
de-aging and delightful
Many of you know I always bring it back to Aunty. Well, why not? Aunty loved everything about Easter, from its Holiness to the colored eggs and candy. She lived the meaning of the Holy Day...hope, joy, and rebirth. And she instilled it in the fiber of my being. And, now I can continue to carry on her legacy, while creating my own...and making those around me happy as I hip hop along reminding everyone HOPE is alive!


Michael said...

This is so cute to see a baby in a basket. You got nice friends to give you an Easter basket. It is even more important that you keep Easter holy too as it is one of the most religious time for Catholics. Angel aunty instilled wonderful virtues that you still follow after her passing. You are a good person to even mention it on a blog. I have more respect for you, even though you like to entertain us.

MinistryOfScience said...

Its be eons since I visited your blog, and I land on this entry which is one of the best I've seen. Baby in a basket for Easter !(pronounced "yeaster" in East Boston)? Can you order one from Amazon?

Anonymous said...

You always amuse us for all of the holidays and seasons. The baby in the basket must be the cutest!

brianamet said...

LOVE the fluffy Easter basket!!!

Renee Gold said...

I love it...I just received a little basket with a baby chick...
not real but really sweet!

Unknown said...

Very cute picture!

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