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Dasher is not my dog. He’s a Samoyed breed that resides at the top of my street and has for many years. I love Dasher. There are many reasons I have such a strong affinity for this truly gorgeous animal.
First of all, Aunty loved Dasher too. We would always comment on how pretty he is. He’s a vision in white who continually graces our neighborhood. But, for me it’s even more. Dasher represents home and security. Dasher is always there. NO matter when I come home there he is to greet me as I turn down our street. When you want a big hug and a kiss Dasher always obliges. That dog is just a reminder of love, nature, friendship, home, and even family.  My family doesn’t live that close to me and while they might not always be around, Dasher is! I feel enormous comfort whenever I walk or ride by and say hi to Dasher. And, on some level I know that Dasher senses my good hearted feelings for him. WE connect.
These days, its makes me a little sad that Dasher is sick. His family must give him a shot every day. And, he may not be as big and fluffy as he once was.
Yet, he’s still out there EVERY DAY enjoying his spot in the world, and, a most wonderful part of the neighborhood. He still makes me feel cozy and happy every time I see him. And, he loves the snow. He seems to be even more alive in the snow. These days you can see him sitting high atop mountains of snow. And, that makes Dasher a very happy pup.
Thanks Dasher….and a special thank you to your family for taking such impeccable care of you. I agree, you are worth it!
We love you…
Samoyed is dog from Western Siberia where they are used for dog sled, for protection, herding, but also to keep their owners and little kids worm in cold Siberia. Samoyed is one of the oldest dog breeds dates at least 3,000 years in history.  They have beautiful white double layer coat. Top layer keeps bottom coat clean which make Samoyed appearance beautiful. They are perfect dogs for families and little kids, they are active and playful even when in older ages… that is according to
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brianamet said...

It's amazing how much this breed enjoys the snow. Beautiful dogs!

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pam said...

They are too precious!! Like you!!

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