Saturday, October 3, 2015


 I am one of the millions affected by the Pope’s visit to America. Pope Francis (I like to call him Papa Francis) is a man of compassion and humility. He is casting a glow of love and hope all across this country and literally gracing us with his visit. People are moved to tears by seeing him. When I hear his voice I feel like I am hearing the voice of God and goodness. It’s quite humbling and moving. I find myself pulling my chair closer to the TV. I want to be as close as I can get.

This morning I heard journalists praising him. David Brooks said, “Hearts are opened by his visit!” Another declared “Souls are gushing!” And, I heard Andrea Mitchell say we “ Must see his prayer at ground zero.” Pope at Ground Zero

 All this makes me happy. I love to see good energy being emitted across my country and the world. And, something tells me, all kinds of people from all walks of life are being touched by the Holy Father’s presence, actions, and prayers. I am certain, many are making changes in their own lives after witnessing this man’s undeniable goodness and selfless humility. 

What I like best of all about Papa Francis’s visit is what I call the mirror affect. WE can all be like mini-popes. In fact we are. Like him we are human beings. Like him many of us have a strong faith. And like him and most of humanity, we are good at heart. Is there any reason we cannot take it upon ourselves to keep cultivating this love and compassion like he exemplified?  That goodness  and purity DOESN’T HAVE TO STOP when he leaves! Think about continuing where he left off when he boards his plane and waves his holy hand goodbye. Imagine all of us carrying on in our daily lives a bit more Pope-like!" What a wonderful thank you gift to him and each other! Being kind is why we are here. And, for anyone who may struggle or resist becoming a better human being, perhaps we could make a plea to the news stations to continue showing clips of the Pope’s visit to remind us. Seeing is believing.

 Collectively as citizens, human beings, pilgrims, and people, we just have to do more to help each another and take a bit more responsibility for our actions in this life . The Pope brought the word “SERVICE” (a word foreign to many) front and center. He singlehandedly resurrected it!  Now, If everyone who watched the Pope starts becoming more compassionate today, tomorrow, next week, or next year, then that can be our way of continuing the loving momentum that Papa Francis started. He clearly and simply demonstrated that we have the ability of empowering our own humanity. WE cannot leave all the self-sacrificing for him! For me personally, before the Pope’s visit I had already started visiting nursing homes and the elderly and I will continue.  I would like to thank those of you who already are in in synch with the Pope and treating others as you would like to be treated. And, I bow to those of you, like my late Aunty who always put others first! That IS the Holy Spirit...

 Take a moment to reflect on the Holy Father’s voice, his actions, the images, and the goodness in your own heart. My prayer is that we all see the goodness in ourselves and that even more importantly,  we let go of our ego's even a little bit and do more to emulate the Pope by reaching out to those less fortunate. I pray that each one of us can make the world smile in any little or big way we are blessed to do. We can actually raise the good vibrations of this planet. We must keep this glowing goodness going and growing for the sake of every breathing human being in this world today, tomorrow, and eternally. Thank you Papa!

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Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Mt. 25 has not been erased from our memory-banks! Good to know leaders can imitate Christ. Neat reflection. Ciao.

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