Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It's finally happened, and at Harvard of all places. There is excitement around my product. I was going to name this post Better than Shark Tank! Because this is really exciting. The other day I was invited to sit in on a marketing class over at the Harvard I lab. Before the class I shared with the director and speaker what my product is. I told him a little bit about the uplifting and inspiring brand I was building. Lucky enough he seemed to be rather pleased, and, given his response, he certainly got it and instantly appreciated what I was doing! The class started. To my surprise and delight, throughout the class this marketing guru continued to mention my name and without giving away what my product is, he continued to mention me throughout the talk. 

During the middle of the presentation he asked me to stand up and share a little bit about the essence of my product. He calls this the one simple thing OST. Well, there I was, Renée Faith Gold standing before a class at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts talking about the benefits my creation! The students were intrigued. And, I was so happy that what I have been thinking and visualizing in my mind for so long now is starting to come to fruition. The model of my product is glowing and the future for it looks bright!
I have something stupendous up
my sleeves

I am already living the essence of what my product is all about. And that is to let go of fear and believe in yourself. And believe it or not, this is easier to do than you might think. After listening to the class (this was my second time) I realized all he was saying is we must live as if whatever we are going for is already happening. When we just keep doing, and not hesitating and not being fearful, little by little we actually get there. There are no shortcuts and no one is going to do it for us.

Thank you everyone who reads Ageless. We really are on this yellow brick road together. By staying here with me you get a free pair of Invisible Ruby Slippers (something you can't get at Harvard). Keep reading and living your best life…


MinistryOfScience said...

Harvard was looking for new genius. When a student is ready, RFG appears.

Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Good luck on your endeavours!

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