Saturday, February 4, 2017


The one and only Tom "New England" Brady

Here is one of the best articles on eating healthier for the Super Bowl!
Let's face it.....we all want to be healthier and most of us watch the Super Bowl.
Thanks to EWG (the Environmental Working Group) they have put together some wonderful suggestions to enjoy the game in the healthiest way.....

I am willing to bet that the gorgeous Mrs. Tom Brady is not eating donuts!
She's probably eating from the above list too.
Keep it here on Ageless with Aunty!
Mrs. Tom Brady

Pass the Kale please!!!

I think I'll steam some string beans during half-time...or better yet,
maybe I'll watch the game from the treadmill!!!

Thanks EWG
and Thanks Tom and Gisele

For more on what Tom and Gisele are actually eating go to

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