Monday, May 1, 2017


Laura C. Cannon

Meet my new BFF! This is author and business coach Laura Cannon. She wrote the book
the Conscious Entrepreneur because she is just that.

I recently was invited to hear her speak at the Harvard I-lab in Cambridge Mass.
The moment she walked into the room she absolutely exuded uplifting positive energy.
At that time I didn't really know much about her but I learned pretty quickly (well it was Harvard). She is the real deal. She walks the talk and fully lives what she writes about.

In my humble opinion her book and practice is about evolving and transforming into our better more aware selves. Awareness is key at all times. Self-awareness will help in business as entrepreneurs, but, all across the board in life!

What made me float out of there was I instinctively related to everything she was saying. Turns out we are on the same wonderful path. That would explain why we instantly connected. It does work like that. Like attracts like. Open up your heart and mind and the pages of her book and see what you attract!
Ageless at Harvard

For the readers of Ageless I urge you all to pick up her book. She truly is an extraordinary person who knows what she is talking about. She was invited to speak at Harvard for a reason. And, now the readers of Ageless have privy to the same inspiring info.

Connecting with our intuition and growing and blooming as a human from there, is what it's all about.
Her precious book helps me to see everything as a gift and an opportunity to grow and to step outside ourselves. There are no limitations... 

Thanks Laura. Thank you readers of Ageless...

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