Sunday, May 20, 2018


It’s true….Nothing on earth can get me up at five a.m., nothing but a Royal Wedding that is! I love the sound of church bells and trumpets in the morning.
I made a pot of tea, grabbed some tissue, and pulled my chair close to the telly.  I hit the power button and was awed!
Wow…the moment I turned on the television I was carried away. The sun was shining brightly over Windsor Castle in the English Countryside, and a young, kind, and very human prince was beaming with love in his heart!

You could actually feel the love between Meghan and Harry. I mean it was truly magical and wonderful and utterly swoon worthy.
How many things can actually make you swoon….. I kept placing my hands over my heart and reaching for the tissue at every moment. I was so moved, I felt like I was actually there.
Amidst the sparkle of her tiara, the forget-me-nots in her hand (that Harry picked himself from Princess Diana’s garden), the grandeur of Windsor, the bliss in a mother’s heart, the wonder of the children, the beauty of Meghan, the Spirit of Diana, and the twinkle in Harry and Meghan’s eyes, I was instantly transported across the pond and into the majestic, historic, and utterly romantic event taking place right before my eyes.

How can we not be moved?!
And, like the Bishop said: “Two young people fell in love and we all showed up!”

It was a day for all of us to unify and celebrate collectively something that in today’s ultra-fast paced and often troubled world is not highlighted enough…. L-O-V-E!
And WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE SWEET LOVE! And, for those of us who watched, we got mega doses of pure enchantment, and magical love.
It was grand. It was spectacular. It was rich in history, pageantry,  tradition (old and now new). It was everything good, everything perfect; It felt like a dream.

Harry and Meghan shared their love and carried us with them all the way. And for anyone who didn’t care to watch or might put down all the pomp well….
In this day and age with the bombardment of bad news can’t we just bask in the glory of LOVE for a few hours without anyone saying anything negative?! Given everything going on all over the world, when something positive and beautiful happens like this, can’t we just run with it. For those too quick to criticize can’t we just take a break and simply enjoy something so splendid.

Of course, not everyone will be as smitten as I am, but, I ask my readers to take a deep breath, pause, and enjoy moments of happiness and pure joy whenever we can get or create them.
Don’t you think that part of the reason the world is so stressed and agitated is people are just too quick to put others down  and be so negative. So many of us just go through the motions.
But, if you allowed yourself just ten minutes to actually watch, listen and tune in to what was happening at Windsor Castle yesterday it was something to feel happy about.
It was uplifting and sublime. If you allowed yourself you might be moved. Witnessing love breaks down barriers.

When it was over I wanted to keep watching! I couldn’t get enough. I wish I could have been there.
I am so inspired by their love and their openness to share their Amazing Royal Wedding and letting me as a viewer experience a real life fairy-tale, I am making a special gift for them. I cant say too much about it yet, but, in the coming months those who follow Ageless will learn more about it. All I can say is by all accounts I have captured the Markle Sparkle!

For now, watch any footage you can of their Royal Wedding. Hold the hand of someone you love, pick them some flowers, be romantic. Tune out the negative news and comments at least for a while…and Give LOVE a chance. Don’t be so quick to say boo hoo to Royalty. This is about LOVE pure and simple. Let’s all stand together in unity for a few moments without any negative comment!!!
It’s worth repeating…What the World NEEDS NOW IS LOVE, in any way, shape, or form!!!  And, it’s worth noting that the young, connected and committed royals are doing a great deal of important charity work.

Harry and Meghan….you were magical beyond magical and let us all share in a fairytale….
I send you love, and pray your marriage will be a lasting and happy one.
And judging by William and Kate…we truly have a new Fab Four! I know you will do great things and inspire us all to do the same. I know Princess Diana is supremely proud!

Sending kisses and prayers….

with love from New England….
Renee Faith Gold



Unknown said...

Renee: There were more tears in my eyes than during the wedding as I read your blog. You’ve outdone yourself. Your words captured the essence and spirit of the union, which broke so many barriers and was the true manifestation of the power of love. Thank you for smoothing the edges of this brutal world by writing the perfect commentary for the perfect wedding. Love, Lynne 💕

Michael said...

Well, you were so moved by the experience that I think, you did a marvelous job in capturing the moment and feelings of love and grandeur. I totally agree that we need something refreshing and new expressing love and breaking new ground in a historically tight English and Royalty Tradition. I could not imagine this new wave of change for the Monarchy. I am astounded and with all of your remarkable comments. Yes, we need an uplifting break from mass killings in schools. You did exactly that and I thank you for finding the beauty and love in the moment. Sorry, I could not get up at 5am but was able to see highlights later. God bless the newlyweds.

Anonymous said...

History was made again, not just by the wedding but by you, Renee. Your sharing of this monumental wedding of the century was worth reading and admiring your intense desire for happiness and love for all of us, not just the newlyweds. I appreciate your blog and thoughts for being uplifting, savvy, authentic and current.

Renee Gold said... made my day!! I just read this now because since my last post I experienced a personal tragedy and have not been blogging. but i am so inspired by your kind and generous post I will get back to work on Ageless with Aunty! They tell me it'S a from the heart blog!

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