Friday, July 15, 2011


Halfway there....

On a recent jaunt to Martha’s Vineyard (my new favorite hiding spot) I found out about a private millionaires club! I became obsessed about how I would get myself  in. I am not a millionaire (yet). Later that night, I went to an adjacent club that is open to the public. I started talking with locals and some of the wait staff and found out one of the owners of the club I was in, was also involved in the private club. I managed to get introduced to, let’s call him, Mr. Bond. He is a cordial, gentleman and has clout at the Millionaires Club.  When he kissed my hand and said I was lovely, I saw dollar signs. I curtsied and casually asked if I could see the club. Just like that, he said yes. He walked me to the door and told me to tell so and so (the young Russian Supermodel who was the hostess) that Mr. Bond said you may go upstairs.
When I entered this place of priveldge everything felt right, even the air smelled better. The impeccable lighting design cast a perfect hue. The staff was attentive and accommodating. The view of the historic harbor was stunning. There was a sixteen person private wine room with its own deck.  Ceiling fans mixed with chandeliers added a distinct ambiance.  
Everyone looked happy and relaxed. I felt so at home. I did not want to leave. I carried on like I was a member. Well, I carried on like I was a member planning a party. My friend listened as I said aloud, “My family will love the Allan Brother prime cuts.” I had just read that their restaurant serves these exclusive USDA products. We pranced about and I boasted about some fabulous wines I had had there. Make believe of course. But, Boone’s Farm was not on my list. Vietti Barolo Rocche 2000  was (even though I don’t know if they really serve it there or if I pronounced it right).
I have become obsessed about wanting to join this exceptional members only club. I have no idea how much it cost but, now that I am about to put my ruby-red go-go boots on and promenade down my own yellow brick entrepreneurial road, (as I work on developing a product that is pure magic) anything is possible. I love being a Big Dreamer. It is so much fun. I can say that because, it's just who I am. I am a creative person who aims high. So, if something I create ever takes off, it's going land in a good the top!   
My late father (who didn’t like asking a waiter for water) would have been cringing if he saw me walking around the savvy joint as if I owned the place. In reality I could not even afford to valet my 98 Honda (the one with three and a half tires). I cannot wait to go back. I am thinking of having my launch party for my new product at this MV Hotspot. But first, like all millionaires, I have a heck of a lot of Hard Work to do….to get to Park Avenue from Penniless Lane! In the meantime, I am closer than I think, because I am already there in my mind.  
If you want to reach your dreams you’ll have to get rid of your memes. For more info on what I mean see Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Be Gone.


pam said...

great that you always manage to find fun in everything you do!

Starless said...

Another great find Renee! "Shaken, not stirred"

Anonymous said...

Wow! You look fantastic- really how old are you or is this the way to be ageless? To have fun in your adventures as in this fake it or make it scene! I hope you make it with your new product or with a book deal. I do not know why book agents are so hesitant on potential book authors like yourself! Your readers see that you have the real talent. I enjoy reading your blog a lot as I never miss a posting to brighten my day!

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