Saturday, December 24, 2011


Christmas is so magical and wonderful that it conjures up all kinds of images...
Here are a few things I see when I think of Christmas.

I really think someone took a picture of the inside of my mind because this is exactly what it looks like on December 24th!

There are a myriad of miraculous Christmas images. What kind of Christmas is in your mind? Because that is the one you will ultimately experience.
My precious Aunty Helen is, was, and always will be the true embodiment of Christmas to me. She is what Christmas is all about....Pure LOVE & LIGHT. She spread joy wherever she set foot. Now she is my true Christmas Angel...FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AMEN. Every image of her, just like every Christmas with her was precious and sacred!

and happy too
My wish for you is to bring forth a little more comfort and joy into your holiday. With The Spirit of Aunty guiding me I believe I can. We love you! And, that is a great place to start.


brianamet said...

Merry Christmas, darling!

MinistryOfScience said...

I like your choice of pics. Another great post God Sis!

Michael said...

It is only fitting that you have two smiley faces at the top of your Christmas tree. One is aunty, and the other her husband. Both are your Christmas angels. I hope your Christmas was still bright and joyous without aunty with family and friends. Peace and Joy.

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