Thursday, February 9, 2012


Aunty Still Reaches Out To Us

I am glad to say, I have found a way to keep Aunty all around me! She is literally everywhere I go. This picture here (the one that was carefully placed in a big frame to welcome family and friends at her wake) is now on my front door. I come home to Aunty each and ever day. I feel her presence more than I could have ever imagined.

We were profoundly close while she was alive, but, I am truly amazed at how close we have remained. In some ways Aunty is even closer. I know she is watching me. I get signs, signals, messages, and reminders all the time. Aunty is everywhere.

I wear her locket around my neck, I have her pictures in every room. Her prayer cards are in my wallet, on my bureau, and gracing my desk.  For Christmas I got special Aunty mugs made for myself and all my close friends.  Now we all have coffee with Aunty every morning! In Aunty's favorite words... "That's wonderful."

The reason I share all this with you is... I want to remind my readers that we NEVER EVER EVER lose those we LOVE! There is enormous comfort in honoring and keeping the spirit alive of those we cherish.

There are no words to express in this moment, how happy I am to share this with you. If anyone reading this has suffered the loss of a loved one, whether it was two days or twenty years ago.... find a way to honor them (again). You will feel better and you will be blessed! In doing so we are keeping and perpetuating good energy and love alive.
That's pretty awesome if you ask me.

I have only just begun to honor my Darling Aunty! Because this LOVE is so vast and deep... I know I will keep finding ways to keep Aunty close and Alive. In some way, I hope this makes you happy too.

With tears of sorrow turning to joy...
~Renee Faith


Michael said...

Renee, it is wonderful to keep angel aunty's spirit alive. Other cultures, do the same. Some burn incenses, offer prayers, go to a temple, church or grave site, have a small ceremonial spot to honor their ancestors and loved ones, all Saint's Day is a day of mourning, light candles, etc. I am glad that you found your way to keep yourself sane, happy, and at peace. Amen.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to let go of those strong emotions when you truly love someone who passes. Some may say that you are still grieving, but others may say that you are cherishing all of the fond memories. Only you know personally how to effectively manage your loss. Thanks for sharing and opening up yourself to say it is OK when we have sorrow and sadness in our lifes. Being optimistic, cheerful, and honoring are ways to perpetuate good energy, and loving karma. Om.

Renee Gold said...

Keep love alive by memory.
Once we forget, the memory is lost and love forgotten.
Don Ronaldo sent this to me!

Chris said...

Renee, The love you have for Aunty can be felt in every word. I was stuck in grief for almost five years and something lifted in me over the last several months. I am able to move forward and honor the legacy, history and memory of my Dad - partly from your inspiration and encouragement. Through your words, Aunty's memory imparts an impression of loving optimism. Thank you for sharing and helping me through my grief.

brianamet said...

I know how truly you feel her. It's just a year this week since we lost Ruby.. I still place fresh flowers by her picture every week.

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