Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Deedee Hampton is one of my favorite artists by far! I discovered her ultra-fantastic work when I was looking for colorful and creative ways to enhance the look of my own blog. I remember coming across her paintings online and they really caused a reaction. I immediately was drawn to her colors, themes, and the overall feeling of her work. Her creations made me stop and reflect. They made me wonder. I enjoyed looking at them so much, I couldn’t get enough.
I would like to share some of her work with the readers of Ageless. Aunty too, enjoyed Deedee’s work. Sometimes I would bring Aunty into my office and after she watched the silly animal videos on YouTube, we would take some time to enrich ourselves with artwork. Aunty had a deep appreciation for art, nature, her fellow human beings, and all life. Many of you don't know this, but, she was an artist herself (and I will show you her work soon).  Like any good art, Aunty’s work, and Deedee’s too, is universal and timeless!
What do you feel when you look at Deedee’s creations? What do you like about them? What do they say to you? I love her choice of colors, and just the way she expresses herself so creatively.  I feel like she has captured a sliver of my own spirit, or, at times, like she is drawing the inside of my own mind! Her work is ageless.
Make a little time for some art in your day. Treat yourself to Deedee Hampton!
all the work in this post is by the incredible Deedee Hampton


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures in the blog...I am especially taken by the first image with the owl as a central figure in the art - Her work is very compelling..eastern influence, child-like and whimsical and evokes feelings of magic and conjuring - I just love owls! Chris

Michael said...

Her work and paradign is very interesting, creative, magical, and innovative. It seems to take you on a journey to find what appeals to each viewer. I do like them a lot. Deedee has a special gift for revealing a magical experience into another dimension...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing us to Deedee's beautiful artwork. She is fantastic. There is a nature element, flavored with spirituality, tossed with Asian influences, spiced with magic, and filled with imagery to delight the senses, as we travel along the path. Her work leaves a meaningful impression afterwards. I can see why you love her work. It is in the realm of agelessness!

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