Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 endless love

As it turns out just because aunty stopped breathing on Friday evening November 18, at 6:48 PM, my relationship with her has not ceased. To my surprise it continues to grow. I wanted to share this with the readers of Ageless to comfort anyone who has lost a loved one. And even if all your loved ones are fully alive, it doesn't hurt to be reminded not to take them for granted. Since Aunty passed I've been talking to other people who have lost someone they love. I am here to tell you that the reoccurring three words are, if only I…
You don’t have to let that happen to you.
And when those you love do pass on, you can take a little comfort in knowing that they will never be too far away. Aunty is everywhere I go. I'm not making this up. I am not crazy. I am sincerely and genuinely sharing my experience and what I discovered is true. Just one very small example (and there are many) is something that happened last night. I had just been sharing with a group of people how much I missed aunty, but that I knew she was close, and I knew she could see me and hear me. I also commented on how I had recently signed up for a stargazing class so I could see aunty in the sky. I have really been feeling this cosmic connection.
Then, on my way home I had to make a quick stop at the store. I went down an aisle I don't usually go down, and something immediately caught my eye. I saw stars. There was a beautiful greeting card right in front of me covered in stars. This is what was written:
In one of the stars I shall be living
In one of them I shall be laughing
And so it will be is if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
When you are open to being in a relationship with your loved one after they have passed that relationship will continue. They are always with you. And they are always watching you. Love is after all, eternal.
I get a myriad of signs all the time that my darling Aunty is not only with me and watching me, but really and truly still loves me! She keeps sending me presents from heaven. 
I love her more each day. It’s as if I lifted her right out of the grave and took her with me… and she didn’t resist. She loves me so much!
P.S. i love you Uncle D. You will always be with me!


brianamet said...

Your commitment to loving life is amazing, Re.

FLAVIOLA said...

Nice to see you at our Kirtan last week. Now I know what the beautiful love, light radiance "fuss" you offer is all about. Giving in & fully loving out, loving ourselves is the reward. Thanx for sharing- I'm a fan, Mark

Michael said...

I agree. Life is too short. We must be at peace, and live harmoniously with everyone, especially our family. Being connected even in death is a miraculous gift. Renee, you are truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

That's astonishing! To receive or see signs from angel aunty is wonderful and inspiring. Love has no boundaries or limitations, even between different worlds. I always hear or see such moving and ethereal signs in the movies, but not on a blog for real. Keep us enlightened to believe in something more than ourselves!

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