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Star Gazing from the Champlain Islands -- Elizabeth Fraser

I would like to invite the readers of Ageless with Aunty to join me in an utterly ageless and timeless endeavor…. Stargazing! The last class I attended was so much fun we talked the teacher into holding another one. So, here is your chance to soak up the night sky with like minded people in a stunning surrounding. All with an expert astronomer on hand. I am glad to say he is my friend. His name is Steve Martin.

You can check out his fantastic book Cosmic Conversations here  which he will be happy to sign. 

If you want to join Steve for one, or any three, of this upcoming and inspiring series, the classes will run for the next three Mondays at 7:30, contact him at smartin@copper.net  or call (508) 567-1066. The event takes place half an hour from the Boston area at the astonishing Center at Westwoods.

Year of Astronomy by mysteria-dl.deviantart.com

By popular demand, The New University Educational Series continues!

Join us for a three-week mini-series as we explore the farthest reaches of the universe and spend time contemplating the wonders of the night sky with our eyes and small telescopes.

Each session will involve a short lecture, discussion, and stargazing (weather permitting)

Upcoming topics:

April 23rd: Cosmology and the Birth of the Universe

April 30th: A Brief History of the Universe

May 7th: Are We Alone?: Alien Life and SETI

No previous experience with stargazing, astronomy, or science is required, only an enthusiasm for learning more about our wondrous universe!
The fee is 20.00 per class or 50.00 for all three.

Stephan Martin, MS, is an astronomer, educator, and writer who has taught astronomy and physics at colleges and educational centers across the U.S. for over twenty years.  Currently Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Bristol Community College in southeastern Massachusetts, he is active in promoting interdisciplinary, experiential, and transformative approaches to exploring the universe and gives talks and workshops on science, spirituality, and stargazing around the country.

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Michael said...

It is wonderful that you are literally reaching for the 'stars'. There is more than our limited selves. Expanding our awareness of the Cosmos is a small beginning, even if we don't make the time. Thanks for awakening this dormant side of us.

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